Down the Aisle - Story of the Month Club

The Down the Aisle June "Story of the Month"

contest sponsored by Uckele Health & Nutrition is underway. We welcome your stories of the heart that are made possible through the special relationships we share with our wonderful horses. Kristy Alvarez of Bowie, Maryland was the winner of our inaugural May contest with her touching "Redemption's Story". In addition to receiving the monthly prize from Uckele, Kristy is now eligible for the Down the Aisle "Story of the Year" contest. Entries for the June contest close June 27 with the winner announced June 30. Non-winning entries will automatically be eligible for all future monthly contests. No need to resubmit. There is no limit to the number of stories you may enter. If you want to participate on the website, but not enter the contests we have several other areas where you can share with members. "In Memory" allows you to memorialize a special horse or mentor with a photo and a short written message. "Special Moments" is a category where you can post a picture and describe a brief moment down the aisle that touched your heart.

Join in the fun today by adding your memories to the website. Enter today with a story about how your journey down the aisle has been remarkable.


Down the Aisle Stories

June `15, 2011