Dover Has Done It Again

The USET Dressage Team will be announced this week, based on the final scores to be tabulated from Donaueschingen this past weekend.

Pictured at right, Robert Dover and Ken Acebal's Lennox (Westf. by Loewenstein-Aglaia) were the highest place Americans, with a sixth place in The Grand Prix, at 67.16, and moving up to fifth place in the Grand Prix Special on Sunday, Sept 20.

"The scores are so close, it will come right down to the final results at Donaueshinger to determine the team" Steffan Peters told Dressage Daily, when he recently called from Germany.

Guenter Seidel placed 10th in the Grand Prix with a 65.88. Sunday in the Grand Prix Special, Sue Blinks and Flim Flam were 7th (67.53), and Shelley Francis was 10th (64.28).

"Isabelle Werth could have her own German Team, with her stable of Grand Prix mounts" a German Judge told us in Florida last winter. Currently Ranked #1 with Nobilis Gigilo, Werth on Nissan Anthony FRH, edged out Heike Kemmer and Caesar to win the Grand Prix with a 76.40, and easily winning the Special with a 72.8.

Stay tuned to Dressage Daily for the announcement of The USET Dressage Team for The World Equestrian Games about to begin.

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