Don't Miss This Tonight! Free Webinar - Horse Business People Problems and the Policies that Prevent Them

Date: September 19th 2011
Speakers: Tonya Johnston and Elisabeth McMillan
Time: 5:00 pm Pacific  7:00 Central  8:00 Eastern
Format: Simulcast - attend via your phone or computer
Duration: 45 minutes

It's no secret that the tough part of the horse business isn't the horses. Equestrian Professional's next horse business webinar will discuss the people side of the horse business.  

This lively webinar will feature two speakers and two complimentary approaches for building postive customer relationships.

First, Tonya Johnston, MA will share steps that horse professionals can take on an interpersonal level to establish and preserve healthy, long term relationships with their customers. This portion will include key leadership principles and communication skills to help horse professionals circumvent common customer relationship pitfalls.

Next, Elisabeth McMillan, horse business consultant, will explain several important horse business tools, marketing strategies and systems that horse professionals can implement in order to proactively support their customer relationships.  

This two pronged approach will provide horse professionals with both personal skills and practical solutions to help them sustain the long term positive client/professional relationships necessary for horse business and career success.   

"Horse Business People Problems and the Policies that Prevent Them"  is free to all horse professionals and can be attended via your phone or computer. However, you must register to attend. Sign up Today!