Don't Miss Live Streaming this Weekend! Southern Germany is Getting Ready for the 2011 Marbach Weekend

Solist - Catalog number 31 (see video below)
Solist - Catalog number 31 (see video below)

Don't miss Live Streaming of this weekends Marbach Weekend!! The Southern German Breeders Association is getting closer to their annual licensing under saddle and sport horse auction. All horses will be stabled at the Principle and State Stud Marbach, which is just a short drive from Stuttgart International Airport. They can be tried out between Oct. 22nd, 2011 and Nov. 5th, 2011. They can also be observed during a public training session on Oct. 30th, 2011 which will be commented by international dressage judge Dr. Dietrich Plewa. The public training will be live streamed at It starts at 2:30 pm German time, which is 9:30 am EST (attention: Germany changes back from daylight savings time that day, and therefore the time difference between North America and Germany is one hour less than usual).

The stallion licensing will start with free jumping at 11 am on Nov. 5th, followed by a presentation under saddle at 2 pm.  In the evening the main covered arena will be converted for the gala night, which is an entertaining mix of equestrian highlights, humorous performances, and an honoring ceremony for successful horses and their breeders in 2011. The die-hards will afterwards move to the big party tent with music, dance and traditional Southern German food, not to mention the regional wine and beer.
The auction lot, which also contains some of the young stallions, will be presented one last time on Nov. 6th at 9:30 am, and the auction starts at 2 pm.
Videos of all horses can be found here.