Don E Mor - Baroque Breeding Done Right in the United States!

Don E Mor is a Lusitano Breeding and Training Facility. As one of the largest Lusitano breeding farms in North America, Don E Mor normally has about forty pure Lusitanos with a limited number of Lusitano/Andalusian crosses and half Lusitanos available for purchase. This includes trained and untrained mounts, some of which are proven breeding stock. Don E Mor employs two trainers on the farm who begin schooling these athletic animals at about three years old to disciplines that best fit their temperament and abilities. Other staff members are socializing our younger colts and fillies from the day they are born. We have horses for sale as riding partners, broodmares, breeding stallions and at every age down to new borns.

We do not rush into training our Lusitanos, but allow them time to develop physically and mentally. Like a fine wine which is given the best opportunities to mature to perfection, our Lusitanos are not rushed into training and thus are more eager to learn, less prone to physical injury, and have had the most positive training possible. Just ask our clients.

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