Discover Equestrian Vaulting in New Jersey - March 12-14, 2004

Martinez, CA - January 11, 2004 - The American Vaulting Association will conduct an educational conference, "Spirit of Vaulting", March 12-14 at the United States Equestrian Team Facility in Gladstone, New Jersey. The featured clinician is Christoph Lensing, who was three time World Vaulting Champion, and twice the reserve World Vaulting Champion.

Featured speaker, Dr. Midge Leitch, VMD will present "Soundness and Fitness in the Performance Horse". Dr. Leitch, is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. She has served as Team Veterinarian at recent Olympic and World Equestrian Games and is a member of the USEF Veterinary Committee. This conference is open to all trainers and coaches who want to explore the possibility of adding Equestrian Vaulting to their current riding programs, as well as trainers with active Vaulting Programs who what to expand their expertise.

Additional presentations will include: Incorporating Therapeutic Vaulting Into Your Existing Equestrian Program; Starting A Successful Vaulting Club At Your Equestrian Facility; Selection And Training Of The Vaulting Horse; Effective Longueing For The Vaulting Horse; Proper Fit for Vaulting Equipment; Focus, Line And Art - Designing The Freestyle; Working With Kids And Keeping It Fun And Safe; Nutrition; Developing Media Attention For Your Program; Vaulting Exercises For Riding Instructors; and the Kids Corner.

Discover all the benefits of Equestrian Vaulting at the "Spirit of Vaulting Conference", March 12-14, 2004. We want you to know why there are 60,000 vaulters in Germany alone! Please join our team of experts and find out why many riders in Europe were first introduced to horses through the sport of Vaulting and why Vaulting is the perfect introductory equestrian sport. Equestrian Vaulting helps riders to become balanced, understand the motion of the horse and develop a natural seat while they learn teamwork, music appreciation, trust, teamwork, performance skills, and choreography all of these benefits are achieved through the camaraderie of the youth group style vaulting club.

For complete details and registration information, please contact: Katie Flannagan, American Vaulting Association Education Committee at (804) 556-6376 or email

Please visit the AVA website at for more information about vaulting. The American Vaulting Association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to the promotion of Vaulting, an equestrian sport in which vaulters perform gymnastic and dance movements in harmony with their equine partner.