Disabled Veteran Finds New Challenge

Ken Weas, a former Air Force pilot, recently drove his first horse drawn carriage and he experienced this unique opportunity at the Florida Carriage Museum & Resort.  Ken had an altercation with a Swiss Alp in 1991 resulting in his permanent quadriplegic lifestyle.

Curly, a life long lesson horse at the Florida Carriage Museum & Resort, took great care of Ken as he drove through the beautiful Resort.  Ken says, “The opportunity for a disabled person to drive a carriage was such a life-changing event, both physically and emotionally, that I don’t know where to begin to describe it.  I’m hooked!”  Ken is working with the Equine Heritage Institute at the Florida Carriage Museum & Resort in its endeavor of working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to establish carriage driving as a recreational and mentally therapeutic program.  These programs are aimed at newly injured veterans to give them, what Ken says, “Is a sense of independence like nothing else I’ve ever experienced!”

“I have found a new recreational activity that I can accomplish on my own and enjoy with my family.”

Donations to this program can be made to the Equine Heritage Institute – Veterans Program.  These donations go toward improving the therapeutic program, giving injured veterans a chance to enjoy this new adventure at a reduced cost and also obtaining carriages and horses for the program.   

If anyone is interested in obtaining more information about the Veterans Program, please contact the Florida Carriage Museum and Resort at 352-750-5500 ext. 223. www.fcmr.org