Diane Carney/Telluride Talks About 2015

George H. Morris and Carney at the National Horse Show.
George H. Morris and Carney at the National Horse Show.

Antioch, IL – Diane Carney/Telluride has a diversified and exciting schedule for the 2015 season. Carney talks about her schedule that includes showing; judging; hosting and teaching clinics; providing stable management for clinics; USHJA committee work; being the Chef d’Equipe for a Calgary trip along with promoting Young Horse Farm/Club shows and education.

Carney is a trainer and instructor in the Chicago area. For over 35 years, Carney has produced many national champions such as Texas Tea, Trooping the Colors, North America, Twist and Shout, Chaquita, Total Touch, That’ll Do and Lamarnie with Betty Oare and Virginia Bartholomay, just to name a few.
Show Schedule
“This year’s schedule is great,” said Carney. “Every year I evaluate my customer’s goals and budgets to create a schedule that caters to their needs. With a show schedule that includes Wellington and Ocala, FL, Devon, Showplace Productions locally, Calgary, Kentucky, Trader’s Point, Harrisburg and the National Horse Show, there is something for everyone.  The 1.50m and Grand Prix horses get a nice schedule that keeps them fresh and the adults get a schedule that fits their busy work agendas.”

The schedule works well for a trip to Spruce Meadows with the George H Morris Gladstone Program at Brookwood-Annali Farm June 14-20th and Calgary right after.  “The horses will have a great school with George and will be ready for the serious competition at Calgary,” added Carney.
Carney stresses that Calgary must fit into any serious rider’s experience and schedule. It is the best there is and the horse and rider’s experience is tripled from two or three weeks of showing there.
“My heart pounded out of my chest the first time I rode in the International Ring,” shared Carney.  “It’s quite the experience.  I’ve been going since 1989 and it continues to up my game each time.”
For those not showing in Calgary, there is an outstanding event scheduled July 25-26th at Brookwood-Annali Farm featuring an unrated ChicagoEquestrian.com Hunter Derby and a Young Jumper Young Horse Farm/Club Show.

“Everyone is looking forward to the opportunity to show in the unrated ChicagoEquestrian.com Derby on Brookwood’s beautiful property,” said Carney. “It will be a fun event with inviting courses and great prizes.”

August brings Trader’s Point and Kentucky Horse Shows for the group then back to Chicago for the Showplace Fall Championships and Fall Classic Horse Shows, featuring the USHJA Regional Children’s Adult Jumper Championships in September and also the Premier Chicago Hunter Derby at Brookwood-Annali Farm featuring the USHJA International Hunter Derby presented by Canadian Pacific.
The 1.50m horses will head to the Pennsylvania National in Harrisburg and the National Horse Show in Kentucky to wrap up the season.

Rush and Caroline Weeden host quality events at their Brookwood-Annali Farm in Antioch, IL.
Rush and Caroline Weeden host quality events at their Brookwood-Annali Farm in Antioch, IL.

In addition to the show schedule, Carney hosts the George H. Morris Gladstone Program at Brookwood-Annali Farm in June and the annual Thanksgiving clinic in November. This year, Carney was fortunate to be asked by Betty Beran in Arizona and Scott Alder in Michigan to support the stable management for their three-day George Morris clinics.

“I’m happy to assist hosts and riders to enable them to have the best experience possible with George,” said Carney.
Carney herself also teaches clinics across the country emphasizing correct horsemanship at all levels. For the second year in a row, Carney will be a presenter at the Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio.
Carney holds a USEF R HU/EQ/JP judges card and finds room in her schedule to officiate. She has judged at venues that include the Winter Equestrian Festival, Del Mar, CA, and shows in the northwest hosted by Dianne Johnson to name a few and has already booked the Flintridge Horse Show in California and Franktown Meadows, Reno, NV for 2016.

“It’s quite the experience to see horses from all around the country,” said Carney. “Working as a judge and a trainer really keeps things in perspective and provides a true appreciation for both sides of the industry.”

Dr. Mark Cassells, George H. Morris and Diane Carney during the Gladstone Program at Brookwood-Annali Farm.
Dr. Mark Cassells, George H. Morris and Diane Carney during the Gladstone Program at Brookwood-Annali Farm.

USHJA Board of Directors and Zone 5 Jumper Committee
Carney was recently elected to the USHJA Board of Directors and serves on the Education Ad Hoc Committee.
“It’s an honor to be elected to the board,” commented Carney. “I treat it with the utmost sincerity, integrity and transparency.  The committee work on education is a good fit for me. It’s easy to support education in the Chicago area and across the country, in an effort to support the pipeline of riders who come out of unrated shows to rated shows and on to better clinics and high performance like the Masters Clinic and Gladstone Programs.”
“The ultimate goal of education is better horsemanship and better training and when possible, finding riders that are team oriented for the future and heading their education, drive and talent in the right direction,” added Carney.

Carney officiates as a USEF R HU/EQ/JP judge. Photo by Jenny Ross Koning/Phelps Media.
Carney officiates as a USEF R HU/EQ/JP judge. Photo by Jenny Ross Koning/Phelps Media.

Her Zone 5 committee work continues to emphasize giving back to the community. USHJA Zone 5 and Showplace Productions will host the USHJA Child/Adult Jumper Championships for the North Region this year and next.
“We look forward to Zones 1 and 2 coming to town with great horses and riders to compete,” said Carney. “It’s great for our area and sure to be a fantastic event.”
The Zone 5 Scholarship program has awarded over $70,000 in scholarships to date and the clinic programs in the zone are strong. The committee is always looking to support all the levels of business in the zone and  encourage people to contact  them with suggestions and ideas.
Carney is also promoting the Young Jumper Young Horse Farm/Club Shows. These shows are to help buyers get in touch with U.S. breeders and to provide breeders a chance to bring up young horses is appropriate environments. Carney has organized a Facebook page to list events and ChicagoEquestrian.com is donating the press and helping to create a directory. To get your event or farm listed, contact Brenda@ChicagoEquestrian.com.
Wrap up 2015
With all these irons in the fire, Carney has a perspective on the industry from all sides.
“A diversified schedule keeps you fresh,” said Carney. “It’s never the same week after week which is exciting and challenging but also the best way to help and give back to the industry. Versatility is key to staying in business.”
For more information on Carney’s show schedule or available dates for clinics or judging, please visit www.telluridefarm.com or email dtelluride@aol.com or 847-922-6167.