Devon Showcases - Christina Kelley

Winner of the Junior Jumpers - Time First Jump-Off

Eighteen-year-old British born Christina Kelly and HH Narcos Du Marais blazed by the other competitors to secure the win in the first Junior Jumper Class of 2011. A second-generation horsewoman, she owns five horses at the moment and concentrates on the High Junior Jumpers and has just stepped up to the Grand Prix.

Christina started riding HH Narcos Du Marais at WEF this year "We started in the medium Junior Jumpers and worked our way up.  He's really, really a super star.  I love him.  He's really cool to ride.  He's got his quirks, he loves to have you holding him the whole time to feel that your there.  Every time he goes into the ring he just tries his heart out.   If he were a celebrity he would be James Bond."

School for Christina takes place at home.  "I've finished high school now, so I'm going to take a gap year and then start college after that.  I would like to turn professional.  It would be hard for me to stay an amateur because I have such nice horses, and I like to ride other peoples horses like this horse, and if I stayed an amateur I wouldn't be able to do that, so I think turning professional would be the best option."

Christina commented on today's Junior Jumper course, "I thought it was a nice height and the time allowed was tight which I thought was good, because it made people have to try a little bit to go clear. The jump-off was good.  I thought all the rollbacks we had to do tested my horse and he handled it really well.  I liked that the plank jump at the end because you had to go for it, but be careful too."

Having shown in the U.S. now for seven years, Christina prefers showing on this side of the pond, "I feel like I'm really at home here. I love going to show in Europe, but I feel like this is really home.  I love this horse show.  I came here three years ago and I just loved it.  There are so many people, it's in the middle of the town, I love the stands, it's so cool."