Desperado, World Young Dressage Horse Championship Tagged a "Happy Athlete"

Spectators Celebrate New Gold Medallist at Verden

Verden – The five-year-old Oldenburg gelding Desperado by Dressage Royal – Rouletto won the World Championship at the International Dressage and Show-Jumping Festival and earned many hymns of praise: the enthusiastic applause of the spectators, but above all a clear vote from the judges. Dr. Dietrich Plewa, judge in chief at the WCh for five-year-old dressage horses, and his Italian colleague Dr. Vincenzo Truppa, saw in Desperado the “Happy Athlete”, who was presented in harmony with his rider, supple and without tension. At the same time he had been able to show his potential. That this is quite remarkable was already visible in the qualifier for the finale which Desperado and his rider and owner Nadine Plaster from Röhlingen, Baden-Württemberg, were able to win. She had acquired the gelding at the auction at Vechta together with her partner Simon Kohlenbrenner and since then trained him. The happy “pilot” of the World Champion was quite busy on the day of the finale, because she had to present a three-year-old stallion in the riding horse class immediately after her title win. However, the young candidate did not appreciate this kind of flying change too much and helped his rider into the sand….

Second place and thus the silver medal went to the Trakehner stallion Imperio by Connery – Balfour xx. Anna-Sophie Fiebelkorn from Verden presented the impressive bay whom she had got to know as a test rider at the Federal show of this breed association in Hanover 2007 and who made her rave. At the beginning of this year Imperio`s owner brought him to Verden for further training – now his far-sightedness war rewarded with the silver medal.

Bronze went to a horse from the Oldenburg breed as well, to Silberaser by Sandro Hit – Canaster I, who was presented by Helen Langehenenberg from Münster and who excelled above all in her walk, but showed a little less energy compared to the qualifier. The scores of the three medallists differed, however, only by a small margin and spectators saw three horses of great quality and outstanding treining level.

Now Verden is looking forward to the WCh finale of six-year-olds. Three horses succeeded in getting a ticket for it in the small finale: Jana Freund (Kevelaer) won the class with her six-year-old Hanoverian stallion Dramatic by Don Frederico – Weltmeyer. On second place followed the Belgian mare China Towns Dream under Vicky Smits-Vanderhasselt and on third place the Oldenburg stallion Revanche de Rubin with Juliane Brunkhorst (Harsefeld).

The participants in the Grand Prix have since long reached greater glory in dressage and the winner of the Cellagon Prize anyway: Ulla Salzgeber from Bad Wörishofen, team gold medallist in Athens and her nine-year-old Rhenish gelding Herzruf`s Erbe received 73.29 percent and won the international Grand Prix. As a nine-year-old Herzruf`s Erbe has only just started a promising career. They were followed by Swedish rider Minna Telde with the Hanoverian Don Charly and Hubertus Schmidt (Borchen) with Weltissimol

Salzgeber also won the qualifier for the Nürnberger Burgpokal with the eight-year-old Thuringia mare Wakana (70.80 percent) and will take part in the Frankfurt Festhallenturnier. The Nürnberger Burgpokal is the most important series for young dressage horses.

In Verden`s show-jumping arena Markus Beerbaum from Thedinghausen and his experienced 16-year-old Oldenburg mare Leena won the qualifier for the Great Prize of the CSI – Prize of the riders` town Verden (prize money 20,000 €). In 36.21 clear seconds the World Cup pair won the prize money of 5,000 €. A good recommendation for the highlight of the first international show-jumping competition at the Verden Festival – the Great Prize, endowed with 30,000 €.






Results Verden:

Prize of the Privatbrauerei Wittingen, Finale World Championship 5-year-old dressage horses, Int. dressage competition:

Gold: Nadine Plaster (Salach) with Desperado OLD, Score 8.84

Silver: Anna-Sophie Fiebelkorn (Verden) with Imperio (Trakehner), 8,58

Bronze: Helen Langehanenberg (Havixbeck) with Silberaster OLD, 8,54

4th: Madeleine Witte-Vrees (The Netherlands) with Wynton (KWPN), 8.34

5th: Kathrin Meyer zu Strohen (Hoya) with Wells Fargo (Hannover), 8.2

6th: Oliver Oelrich (Lengerich) with Rock Forever (Westfalen), 8.1.


Prize of the Hans-Günter Berner GmbH & Co.KG - Cellagon-Prize, Grand Prix de Dressage, dressage competition - international

1st: Ulla Salzgeber (Bad Wörishofen) with Herzruf's Erbe, 1759 points

2nd: Minna Telde (Sweden) with Don Charly, 1706

3rd: Hubertus Schmidt (Borcheln-Etteln) with Weltissimo, 1660

4th: Stefan van Ingelgem (Belgium) with Withney van t Waaihof, 1628

5th: Klaus Husenbeth (Sottrum) with Piccolino, 1622

6th Louise Nathhorst (Sweden) with Isidor, 1621

6th Marlies Baalen (The Netherland) with BMC Kigali, 1621


Prize of the I.P.S. Horse Group B.V., Small Finale 6-year-old WCh-horses, International Dressage competition:

1st: Jana Freund (Weeze) with Dramatic, score 8.64

2nd: Vicky Smits-Vanderhasselt (Belgium) with China Town's Dream, 8.26

3rd: Juliane Brunkhorst (Harsefeld) with Revanche de Rubin OLD, 8.18

4th: Elena Zhayvoronskaya (Russia) with Wildrose, 8.04

5th: Maria Louise Andersen (Denmark) with Hevi's Futuro, 7.92

6th: Belinda Weinbauer (Austria) with Elfie LH, 7.9


Prize of the Liselott-Schindling-Stiftung, dressage competition Kl. S – national, Piaff-Förderpreis, opening

1st: Andrea Timpe (Hattingen) with Rosselini G, 1418 points

2nd: Kathleen Keller (Bad Bevensen) with Wonder FRH, 1352

2nd: Hedda Droege (Osnabrücker) with Fifth Avenue, 1352

4th: Falk Stankus (Donzdorf) with Lancelot, 1329

5th: Kristina Sprehe (Dinklage) with Royal Flash, 1327

6th: Marion Engelen (Kerken) with Diego, 1312.


Prize of the Nürnberger Versicherungsgruppe, dressage competition class S – national, St. Georg Special, qualifier for the Nürnberger Burgpokal 2008

1st Division:1st:

Ulla Salzgeber (Bad Wörishofen) with Wakana, 1416 points

2nd: Holga Finken (Kirchlinteln) with Donnerball, 1385

3rd: Carola Koppelmann (Warendorf) with Rom, 1379

4th: Sandra Kötter (Bramsche) with Farewell III, 1348

5th: Hubertus Schmidt (Borcheln-Etteln) with Felix, 1342

6th: Thamar Zweistra (the Netherlands) with Hexagon's Truppa, 1330


2nd Division:

1st: Andrea Timpe (Hattingen) with Dixieland, 1400 points

2nd: Hendrik Lochthowe (Recklinghausen) with Rubin Cortes, 1380

3rd: Belinda Weinbauer (Austria) with Debut Dallas, 1349

4th: Stefan Jansson (Sweden) with Fleurie, 1347

5th Falk Rosenbauer (Lütjensee) with Desperados, 1341

6th: Peter Koch (Sittensen) with Dick Tracy, 1328


Prize of the Sattlerei Henning, Riding horse class – 3-year-old stallions,

Qualifier for the Hanoverian Riding Horse Championship:

1st: Kristin Karlisch (Guderahndviertel) with Hohenzollern, score 8.58

2nd: Sandra Frieling (Balge) with Bestseller R, 8.5

3rd: Sandra Kötter (Bramsche) with Riccidoff, 8.25

3rd: Wolfhard Witte (Uetze) with Fürst Nymphenburg

5th: Annette Rüscher (Greven) with Lissaro van de H, 8.17

5th: Anna-Sophie Fiebelkorn (Aller) with Sonnenkönig


Prize of the Riders`Town Verden, Int. Show-Jumping Competition - 1.50 m, Qualifier for the GP of Lower-Saxony

1st: Markus Beerbaum (Thedinghausen) with Leena, 0 faults/36.21 seconds

2nd: Andreas Schou (Denmark) with Chicago, 0/37.59

3rd: Andreas Ripke (Steinfeld) with Cornwall W, 0/38.75

4th: Christophe Vanderhasselt (Belgium) with Ultra-Top van T Paradijs, 0/38.89

5th: Tina Lund (Denmark) with Winnie de Blue dive, 0/38.96

6th: Sarah Nagel-Tornau (Attendorn) with Cascavelle NT, 0/43.03.


Hanoverian Show-Jumping Championship for 6-year-old show-jumpers, Prize of the Fa. Buddelei Mode & of the F.R.H., Special Show-jumping competition Kl. M with jump-off:

1st: Gilbert Böckmann (Lastrup) with Con Amore, 0 faults/44.48 seconds

2nd: Karl Brocks (Rulle) with Codex One, 0/44.71

3rd: Florian Meyer zu Hartum (Blender) with Fighting Fit, 0/45.07

4th: Willi Brunckhorst (Wohlesbostel) with Cascada, 0/48.89

5th: Dörte Gerding (Osterholz) with Cascarda, 0/49.76

6th: Linn Zakariasson (Sweden) with Carlotta Singular La Magnifica, 4/44.26


Hanoverian Show-Jumping Championship for 5-year-old show-jumpers, Prize of the Fa. Knaack Krane & of the Hanoverian Breed Society, Show-jumping Kl. M with 2 rounds

1st: Florian Meyer zu Hartum (Blender) with For Argentinus, total score 25.3

2nd: Florian Meyer zu Hartum with All for Love, 25.2

3rd: Dieter Smitz (Bad Nenndorf) with Fermoso, 24.9

4th: Christine Wecke (Stadthagen) with Coco Mademoiselle, 24.4

5th: Jasper Kools (Diepholz) with Royal Duchess, 23.1

6th: Hilmar Meyer (Morsum) with Lavensis, 23.0


Hanoverian Show-Jumping Championship for 4-year-old show-jumpers, Prize of the Norbert Nowak Handels- und Transportgesellschaft GmbH, jumping horse class Kl. L:

1st: Hans-Jürgen Rode (Syke) with Coeur d'Amour, score 8.4

2nd: Marten Frehe-Siermann (Mettingen) with Samantha, 8.2

3rd: Willi Brunckhorst (Wohlesbostel) with Crespa, 8.0 (8.2)

4th: Joachim Heyer (Cloppenburg) with Carlos, 7.8 (8.3)

5th: Joachim Winter (Burgdorf) with Epcot, 7.5 (8.0)

5th: Jennika Stürken (Bremen) with Ciquest S, 7.5 (7.9)


Prize of the VGH Versicherungen, Int. show-jumping competition (faults/time) - 1.40 m, 2nd qualifier Youngster-Tour:

1st: Nuri Dijks (The Netherlands) with I belong to you, 0 faults/64.17 seconds

2nd: Heiko Schmidt (Neu Benthen) with Coverlady, 0/68.78

3rd: Marleen Bruggink (The Netherlands) with Shannon, 0/71.73

4th: Tina Lund (Denmark) with Amaretto, 0/73.31

5th: Toni Haßmann (Lienen) with Luxana H, 0/74.17

6th: Andreas Schou (Dänemark) with Uno's Safier, 0/74.42.


Prize of the Halberstädter Würstchen- und Konservenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG, Int. group show-jumping competition with jump-off - 1.45 m, Finale Medium Tour:

1st: Janne-Friederike Meyer (Schenefeld) with Chika's Way, 0 faults/42.53 seconds

2nd: Mylene Diederichsmeier (Steinhagen-Brockhagen) with Miss Saigon, 0/42.61

3rd: Linnea Ericsson (Denmark) with Pero-Z Hillock, 0/43.53

4th: Michel Hendrix (The Netherlands) with Noble, 0/44.32

5th: Thomas Kleis (Gadebusch) with Carassina, 0/44.59

6th: Torben Frandsen (Denmark) with Ferrari, 0/46.60


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