The Derby Series Kickoff - Be There!

In response to the overwhelming requests from the Dressage in Florida Community, Executive director Mary Anne McPhail, and show manager Evelyn O'Sullivan have added a new show, The Derby Series Kickoff, January 11 & 12, (closing date for entries December 14, 2002) at The Horse Park at Equestrian Estates, Loxahatchee, Florida.

An idyllic location for a dressage competition, just west of the hustle and bustle of the Wellington location for Stadium Jumping Inc, The Derby Series represents the long time commitment to Dressage in Florida.


Meeting the demands of what has become one of the premier locations in the world for dressage, is no simple task, and has been labor of love and dedication to the sport by all those involved in developing the Dressage in Florida Circuit over the past 25 years.

It is important for riders, and sponsors who benefit from the gargantuan effort being made, to show their support, it's needed. Get to Florida early, get those entries in, and check out the sponsorship and advertising opportunities to help launch the full scheduled 2003 Dressage in Florida Circuit! Remember to thank Mary Anne and Walter McPhail, and Evelyn O'Sullivan for their support, they went through a lot do get this done.

And of course HorsesDaily and DressageDaily and PhelpsPhotos will be "On the Scene" to help open the 2003 Dressage in Florida season.

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