Demographics - National Reining Horse Association Membership Profiled

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - The "typical" member of the National Reining Horse Association is 46.9 years old, married and living in a rural area. That member has been an owner, breeder, competitor or spectator, and generally attends 1-5 NRHA approved shows each year. Most members own a farm or ranch.

So say the results of the 2001 National Reining Horse Association membership survey, conducted by the Bureau for Social Research at Oklahoma State University. The telephone survey profiled the association's members, their horse experience and buying habits.

As might be expected, many of those polled were part of the horse world before they became NRHA members. Of the respondents, 41.8% indicated that they had been involved in the equine industry for more than 20 years before becoming an NRHA member. Over 17% had been previously involved in cutting, 12.5% with reined cow horses, 26.2% with rodeo or roping and 22.5% with dressage or jumping. Over eighty per cent had shown horses before becoming involved with reining and 69.5% listed trail riding as a previous activity. When given the opportunity to indicate other equine activities with which they had been involved, western pleasure was frequently mentioned, as was 4-H.

When asked what attracted them to the National Reining Horse Association, 28.7% agreed that the organization's official publication, Reiner magazine, attracted them. Sixty two per cent said it was the NRHA's competition standards and judging system, while 68.3% claimed to have been attracted by the structured levels of competition and eligibility.
When asked to describe other reasons they turned to reining, nearly 10 % claimed they had joined because of a love or an appreciation of the beauty and talent of the reining horse.

"It's interesting to get a look at our membership," commented NRHA Executive Director Dan Wall. "Beyond that, correctly identifying the background and preferences of our members shows us how to improve our service to them. Having a clear profile of the buying power that is represented by our membership helps us to better market ourselves to potential sponsors, as well."

The National Reining Horse Association is the world-wide governing body of reining, responsible for promoting the sport, working to insure the highest standards of competition and educating its members and the public about reining. For information on the National Reining Horse Association, call 405-946-7400 or visit the NRHA Official Web Site at