Del Mar Horse Park a Field of Dreams

Photos by for dressagedaily

When visionaries, Kim Keenan and Nikki Peccorelli build a top caliber show such as the Dressage Affaire, it attracts competitors, owners, spectators, sponsors and volunteers from throughout the US and Canada! This year, dressage enthusiasts from throughout the western states such as Montana, Arizona, Colorado, and Washington have set aside time this week to compete, to spectate and to support the management of this unique show.

The weather cooperated and sunny skies reigned on the opening day of the Dressage Affaire. Coloradoans Dee Stiers and Deena Bailey-Blair flew from Silt, Colorado in order to enjoy the sun and to participate in support of the show as volunteers. Dee Stiers who served on the hospitality crew exclaimed after carefully watching all of the CDI Grand Prix rides, “How sweet is to watch the Grand Prix today! How sweet to watch the connection of the riders with their horses.

"I was especially impressed with the connection between Ravel and Steffen Peters, and Luxor and Shannon Peters. And, it is great to see at such a high caliber show that the professionals and the amateurs complement and support one another so well here. As volunteers, although we are here to help them, Kim and Nikki bent over backwards to be supportive of us."