Deep Discount With Elite Horse Transport - Item for Bidding at the EAF/Palm Beach Derby Fundraiser

Buy Now for Full Retail - $1500 - Elite Horse Transport Deep Discount of $1500 When You Ship Your Horses with Booking of full truck load required - (888) 477-0100 - Toll Free It’s time to book your horse transport for the ride north. Whether you are sending horses to Canada, Kentucky or New York “Jimmy’s the man when you put your horse on a van!” Make your reservation now and bid on a deep discount at the EAF Fundraiser February 28 at the IHS Palm Beach Dressage Derby. Jim Welsh a favorite of our community is a horseman and proud of his drivers, experienced horsemen who truly care about your horses comfort and safety. Elite Horse Transport's trucks and trailers are all air-ride designs to insure your horses' comfort. Here is the best way to plan with Elite Horse Transport and help Equestrian Aid;

The Florida season is well underway, but before you know it you will begin to make plans for the trip home. Or maybe shipping needs will be coming up this spring or summer for other CDI's in and central USA, Young Riders in Lexington KY, or the Markel/USEF Young Horse Championships at Lamplight Equestrian enter in Illinois. These are all on Jimmy's route, but the sooner you book the better to arrange his busy schedule. Jimmy also has a gorgeous farm near Lexington Kentucky where he manages layups and layovers. So if you know you will be needing to ship with Jimmy (as many of you do) your purchase of this generous donation will help Equestrian Aid, and also take care of making shipping arrangements needed in the near future.

Elite Horse Transport Deep Discount of $1500 When You Ship Your Horses with
Booking of full truck load required - (888) 477-0100 - Toll Free

You can rest assured that your horses will receive the best care while in the hands of Elite Horse Transport, so use this opportunity to give part of your shipping costs to EAF, due to the generosity of Jim Welsh.

Elite Horse Transport, LLC
James P. Welsh, President
135 Holladay Lane
Waco, KY 40385

(888) 477-0100 - Toll Free
(859) 369-5745 - Office
(540) 878-6777 - Cell
(859) 369-3737 - Fax

The Equestrian Aid/Palm Beach Dressage Derby Live and Silent Auction is being held at the beautiful IHS Equestrian Estates show grounds, Thursday, February 28 following the FEI Jog from 5-8. It will be held in the Beer Garden, with plenty of food and drink. Items will be on display from 12 noon on.

This annual event raised important funds critical to the needs of our recipients. It is a testimony to our dressage community that they come out for this event and support EAF the way they do. Last year we raised of $22,000 and we hope to break our record in 2013. All bids, which exceed the value of the item, will be eligible for a 501c3 deduction.

For more than 15 years, the Equestrian Aid Foundation has delivered financial assistance to equestrians, horsemen and equine professionals who are suffering from catastrophic illnesses or injuries throughout their time of need. Funding for medical, rehabilitation and basic expenses - such as food and housing - enables our recipients to cope through crisis to get back on their feet. We are dedicated to helping people from all riding disciplines, equine professions, backgrounds and ages. The EAF relies on the equestrian community to "take care of their own" through donations and memberships.