Declan McParland and Ramea Z Win Neue Schule Clear Round Bonus

Declan McParland was the winner of the Neue Schule Clear Round Bonus during the ESP Holiday Series.
Declan McParland was the winner of the Neue Schule Clear Round Bonus during the ESP Holiday Series.

Wellington, FL (January 29, 2014) - Show jumping rider Declan McParland of northern Ireland recently proved his mettle with four clear rounds on Ramea Z in the High Schooling Jumpers Division at the ESP Holiday Show Series. These rounds were all that he needed to qualify for the final winning draw in the Neue Schule Clear Round Bonus.       

“Declan, and every rider who got a clear round ribbon in that division, had their names entered into a drawing to win the Neue Schule Bit of their choice at the conclusion of the Holiday Series,” said Neue Schule U.S. and Canadian distributor, Mette Larsen, of Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery.  For each clear round, a rider earned another entry into the drawing, turning McParland's four fault-free performances into four separate entries into the final drawing.

Neue Schule Bits are the bit of choice for riders like World Cup and Nations Cup veteran, Todd Minikus, who likes the way the bits keep him connected with his jumpers. He prefers its loose ring, “Because it works well for daily schooling. The lightweight construction and way they fit smoothly in the mouth have helped improve communication between me and my horses.”       

One thing is sure, McParland will have plenty of loose ring – and other bits – to choose from, including the NS Tranz Angled Snaffle with 'sweet-spot lozenge' or NS Team Up Snaffle with its unique ergonomically curved design.

The traditional precursor to the Winter Equestrian Festival, the Equestrian Sport Production (ESP) Holiday Show Series featured six weeks of competition at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC), November 27  through January 5.

Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery specializes in superior quality equipment and prestigious accessories inspired by the equestrian lifestyle, with a focus on progressive and creative innovation, comfort and high standards.         

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