Deborah Hausman and Caletino

If there were a Sportsmanship Award for the USEF/Markel Young Horse Dressage National Championships, it would be won hands down by Deborah Hausman, who traveled to the Kentucky Horse Park from Oregon to compete with her talented Dutch Warmblood stallion Caletino (by Caretino-N.Anuberth 5 by Caletto). Bred in the Netherlands by Stal Roelofs, the two-year-old stallion was purchased at auction. Their business partner (of Nassau) seated at their table waved to a colleague across the room, and the auctioneer took the action for a bid.

It was not a mistake, but destiny, as Deborah took over the training and brought the horse to her beautiful Quailhurst Estates in Oregon . He immediately thrived under the care of her staff headed up by Darlene Mardock, and it was decided to prepare him for the Six-Year-Old Young Horse test. They qualified for the USEF/Markel Young Horse Dressage National Championships by traveling to California and Washington to compete in shows which offered the classes.

Sometime the Best Laid Plans Can Go Awry

While every effort was made to insure a comfortable flight for the long trip to Kentucky , Caletino was not himself by the end of the week, reacting to the heat and humidity, losing weight and the strength required to carry his true talent among the class of quality six-year-olds. Deborah, who has represented US Teams as a downhill speed skier and bicycle racer, immersed herself in Dressage in 1996. She applied the competitive, disciplined and athletic talents developed in another world class sport, to the sport of Dressage. Deborah Hausman is the winner of multiple USDF Awards, is a USDF Gold Medalist, and is most interested in the Young Horse programs.

She raises and trains quality horses on her Quailhurst Farm and in Europe . After a good showing in the qualifiers in California with Caletino, there was disappointment in the results in Kentucky . “ I won last place. We may have lost in the ribbons, but gained so much more in experience, new friends and for me a deeper love for my horse.”

A Judge’s Challenge Then Redemption

In spite of her low score, the judges recognized Caletino’s talent but that “this was not his day”. Deborah took her disappointment in stride, knowing all too well an off-day can often be the case, a chance taken when competing in the Young Horse program. In the Young Horse test one judge, in this case Jayne Ayers , is responsible for commenting on the performance for the benefit of the audience and rider. “I actually felt sorrier for the judge Jayne Ayers than myself,” Deborah commented, “I saw her struggle to say something positive, and appreciate her kind words.”

After the final halt and salute of an admittedly less than stellar ride, Ayers took a moment to gather her thoughts in order to best express the panel’s decision. "This is a lovely horse and a prospect for upper dressage. Today just was not his day. There were too many resistances today for us to give him a score he probably deserves. We all look forward to seeing both of you in the future".

And as it goes with young horses, where there was a disappointing result at the National Championships, there was redemption when a month later at the Windbourne Farm Dutch Keuring, Caletino won the DG Bar Cup and is now ranked among the top three in the nation for Young Horses with an 80.5%.

photo credit - Mary Cornelius

The Quailhurst Vineyards and Dressage – A Couple Sharing Their Passion

On the plane with Caletino to Kentucky were also several cases of the Hausman’s award winning Pinot Noir wine cultivated from their vineyards at Quailhurst Estates, and managed by her husband Dr. Marvin Hausman. Dr. Hausman decided since his wife had a passion for horses, a career he thoroughly enjoys and respects, he wanted an “expensive hobby of his own.”

Dr. Hausman, has been doing revolutionary work in the field of Alzheimer's Disease. His company, Axonyx, has acquired worldwide exclusive patent rights to two main classes of therapeutic compounds which are designed for the treatment of age-related and disease-related dementias, in particular Alzheimer's disease (AD).

With his wife’s passion for Dressage, he wanted a passion of his own outside of his work, and began the vineyards 6 years ago. Their Pinot Noir is like heaven; reflecting the environment they have created at their Quailhurst Estates, located in the beautiful Willamette Valley of northwest Oregon. It is there that the couple shares their passions, successfully; raising quality young horses, and luscious rich red grapes in their vineyards.

Dressage and Fine Wine – The Similarities

The Quailhurst website describes their commitment and the unique way both passions are similar. “In addition to our vineyards, we also focus on the training of competition horses to the highest level of dressage. It requires passion, love, and above all, patience. We believe the production of a quality wine requires no less.”

The Hausman’s graciously donated and personally served their wineat Friday evening’s competitor’s party. The Quailhurst Pinot Noir made its debut at the 2004 Denim and Diamonds Gala in Wellington , Florida, also generously donated by the Hausman’s. I can personally say, that not only is it the finest red wine I have enjoyed, there is the added bonus for most that drink a generous portion, there is no hangover!

After the trip home from Kentucky, Deborah posted a wonderful tribute to her horse, her support crew, and her husband as she reflected on the experience.

by Mary Phelps