Debbie McDonald and Felix Make Successful European Debut at CDI Bremen 2007

USEF Grant recipients had a successful outing this weekend at the 2007 CDI Bremen (Germany) held October 5-7. Debbie McDonald and Felix finished third in the Grand Prix, with a 69.083, and 5th in the Grand Prix Special with 70.5, in spit of the fact her music had just arrived the day before her ride. Denmark based Heather Blitz and Otto placing 6th (68.167) followed closely in 7th place by Californian Kristina Harrison-Naness on the PRE Stallion Rociero XV (67.958). We heard from Debbie this morning vie e-mail as she shared the news with DressageDaily.Photo: Amy McCool

“I was so proud of my baby boy Felix. He handled that indoor environment better than I ever imagined he would. I was terrified to go into the awards not having a clue what he would do. I have to say my stomach was in my throat a couple of times especially when everyone starts off to gallop around. All the horses just go bezerk, so how do you let your horse know that there is nothing to worry about?”

With the Grand Prix over I had a huge lump in my throat because my music had arrived to me that day in Bremen. I rode a version of this one time for a dinner party for Parry (Thomas). I hope I never have to go into a show like Bremen again not really knowing or riding my music before?

I drew last to go and getting to the ring was not so easy because they were taking the place down. I was the last ride of the show and horses were leaving they were pulling all the footing out of the one warm-up arena. In spite of all the stuff going on again Felix handled it all.

The ring was very electric and he was dripping wet before I was even half way through the ride. Indoor shows can get so hot and then you pack it with people and there you have it. Anyway, we did pretty well considering I was never really sure where I was supposed to be. I missed the one's and at one point I even quit trying because I had us both so confused? I gave him a pet and told him that he was doing just fine.

We finished 5th with only a 70% but I have to say he made a great showing for his first time out. Brentina is doing fine (she had a minor swelling after her trip from the US) and now it is time to get her back to work and ready to show.

We are all tired, by the time we followed the van home and got in the house it was midnight.

Now the fun stuff today, Laundry! If you have ever been over here you understand what I am talking about. It takes about an hour for one load to wash if not more! Three horses and six people you can imagine what I am talking about. Bob left with Peggy and Parry for the auction in Verden after the show, and I will join them in a couple of days to see what is there.

Thank you for all the support and hope everyone is well and safe back in the USA!

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Grand Prix

  • 1. Vincent - Bernadette Pujals - 73.250% (Mexico)
  • 2. Pandoer - Patrik Kittel - 69.583% (Sweden)
  • 3. Felix - Debbie McDonald - 69.083% (USA)
  • 4. Santos Utopia - Hubertus Schmidt - 68.833% (Germany)
  • 5. Piccolino - Klaus Husenbeth - 68.625% (Germany)
  • 6. Quando-Quando - Kristy Oatley - 68.167% (Australia)
  • 6. Otto - Heather Blitz - 68.167% (USA)
  • 8. Rociero XV - Kristina Harrison-Naness - 67.958% (USA)
  • 9. Fifth Avenue - Hedda Droege - 67.792% (Germany)
  • 10. BMC Ojay - Coby van Baalen-Dorresteyn - 67.375% (Holland)
  • 11. Festival - Rudolf Zeilinger - 67.042% (Germany)
  • 12. Eichendorff - Victoria Max-Theurer - 66.583% (Austria)
  • 13. Why Me - Hiroyuk Kitahara - 62.792% (Japan)
  • 14. Healey's Beluga - Susanne Lebek - 62.625% (Germany)
  • 15. Dow Jones - Mieko Yagi - 62.417% (Japan)
  • 16. Paganini - Cheryl Meisner - 61.250% (Canada)

Grand Prix Kur to Music

  • 1. Vincent - Bernadette Pujals - 76,550% (Mexico)
  • 2. Quando Quando - Kristy Oatley - 74,300% (Australia)
  • 3. Piccolino - Klaus Husenbeth - 72,750% (Germany)
  • 4. Pandoer - Patrik Kittel - 71,800% (Sweden)
  • 5. Felix - Debbie McDonald - 70,500% (USA)
  • 6. Eichendorff - Victoria Max Theurer - 68,850% (Austria)
  • 7. Ojay - Coby van Baalen - 68,500% (Holland)
  • 8. Rociero XV - Kristina Harrison-Naness - 68,050% (USA)
  • 9. Festival - Rudolf Zeilinger - 65,400% (Germany)
  • 10. Otto - Heather Blitz - 65,400% (USA)
  • 11. Why me - Hiroyuk Kitahara - 65,000% (Japan)
  • 12. Fifth Avenue - Hedda Droege - 62,300% (Germany)