Debbie McDonald and Brentina Featured Today in USAToday

PhelpsPhotos® got an e-mail from the photo editor of USA Today asking if we could get them an image immediately for today’s edition, as they are doing a feature on Debbie McDonald in their Olympic section. We gladly obliged, thrilled that the Olympic Equestrian sports is getting some recognition from such a high profile main stream news media.

Debbie McDonald and Brentina have certainly endeared themselves to the equestrian world. After McDonald’s Freestyle at the 2002 World Equestrian Games missed an individual medal with a fourth place finish, there was an uproar in the press room, and not from the American press, but from the knowledgeable European journalists who came up to us expressing their sympathy and “outrage”.

Now that they are headed for the competition of their life, McDonald who will be celebrating her 50th birthday in Athens and the new and improved Brentina who recovered beautifully from a minor throat surgery which has improved her breathing will have another chance to set the record straight.

Read the article on-line at USA Today, which did not run the photo on-line so we are doing that here. Go out and buy the print version to prove to family and friends the Olympic Equestrian Sports matter. For more Debbie McDonald and Brentina images got to and do a Free Search by “rider”. and are all set for our coverage of the Olympic Games. With top American reporter Diana DeRosa and photos from Diana and Cealy Tetley, we will be bringing you full coverage of our third Olympic Games on-line.

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