David Marcus Wins Sportsmanship Award

Region 4's David Marcus, from Lincoln, Nebraska and his seven-year-old Holsteiner mare Catalina (by Cabaret) were primed for Young Riders, as never before. But something happened during one of his workouts in Parker, Colorado just prior to the horse inspection, which would give him a learning experience he did not expect.

When he presented his horse before the veterinary panel, and the show's ground jury, she appeared off, and did not seem to get much better upon re-examination. President of the veterinary commission, Dr. Lisa Crump had to deliver the news that it appeared there was a suspensory injury, and David would not be allowed to compete.

"It is really good thing that this happened here just before the horse inspection." David told DressageDaily. " I know she clipped herself when we were training, and would have most likely just wrapped her leg and not thought much of it. It was a lucky thing the vets were able to see the injury, and we were able to treat her immediately." As a result, within the next few days, his horse was sound again.

David, his trainer Canada's Cindy Ishoy, and his parents Van and Judy remained for the week's competition giving support to their team. David also volunteered to scribe for Axel Steiner during the ACORD Freestyle competition.

David may not have won a medal at the 2000 NAYRC, but was presented with the Capt. Andrew B. DeSzinay Memorial Sportsmanship Award, given by the AHSA, represented here with Sherry Frank.

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