Dave Thind Featured Presenter at Equine Affaire Attendees to Benefit from Expertise in Biomechanics

Dave Thind along side student and Grand Prix trainer Stacy Posthumus of Performa Dressage  Photo: C A Hill
Dave Thind along side student and Grand Prix trainer Stacy Posthumus of Performa Dressage Photo: C A Hill

West Springfield, MA- On Thursday November 7, attendees of this year’s Equine Affaire in West Springfield, MA will benefit from Dave Thind ‘s expertise in the field of equine and rider biomechanics. The acclaimed dressage clinician and trainer will present three distinct however closely related subjects. The location and titles of the presentations are as follows: Seminar Stage: ‘The Nuts & Bolts of Correct Equine Locomotion: How Your Horse Should Move, Demo Ring: ‘Equestrian Biomechanics: Properly Aligning the Rider's Body in order to Allow Our Horses to Better Do Their Job’, Youth Pavilion: ‘Equine Biomechanics 101: How Your Horse Moves’. "We are pleased to feature Dave as a presenter at Equine Affaire this fall. Equine and equestrian biomechanics are topics that are quickly growing in popularity with our attendees. Dave's diverse global background coupled with his expertise on classical theory and the applied science of how horses and riders function both individually and as a team make him a great choice for our educational program, attested Coagi Long, Vice President & Program Director of Equine Affaire.

Several years before making the decision to move to Germany to complete the coveted German Trainer education, a back injury and the possibility of never riding again led to Dave’s deep interest in human and equine biomechanics. This also led to his close study of various body awareness techniques including Feldenkrais®. These techniques, combined with a solid foundation in classical dressage, have allowed Dave to help competitive riders excel from basic to international levels.

For the past 10 years, Dave has worked in collaboration with his wife Dr. Camilla Stava, an equine Veterinarian and biomechanics specialist who is certified in Equine Chiropractic in addition to certification as German ‘Trainer C’. Camilla’s expertise has strongly helped shape and validate Dave’s own study of equine biomechanics. Dave’s thought-provoking training techniques allow riders to easily learn and feel correct equine biomechanics. With these tools, riders improve timing of aids and avoid rider created resistance or even pain.

“As a Pilates for Dressage instructor, author and clinician, I was excited to read about Dave Thind and his expertise in biomechanics. I recently traveled 6-hours and had the opportunity to ride in a clinic with him. I found that while it is obvious he holds classic principles dear, he also brings a fresh, exciting perspective to the arena. Horses and riders are not just served up ‘more inside leg’ but rather they are challenged, within their ability, to find a different approach that will ultimately serve to create a top notch classical horse-rider combo. Dave's background in Feldenkrais and biomechanics lend an extra edge to the lesson or when he rides. He is keenly aware of any tightness or asymmetry in either horse or rider and can effectively address the problem on the spot. Dave's riding also brings out the best in the horse through the thorough understanding of the use of his own body to influence the horse’s body. Dave Thind is truly a rising dressage star, I look forward to hosting a clinic with Dave and to what Dave will bring the US dressage community,” stated Janice Dulak author of Pilates for the Dressage Rider and creator of Pilates for Dressage®.

For those unable to attend Equine Affaire, Dave’s own Aspire Farm in Walpole, MA as well as Performa Dressage in Grand Rapids, MI host regular clinics and classroom style biomechanics workshops with Dave.

Dave Thind holds a ‘Trainer A’ license from the German Equestrian Federation. This high level degree is a level III, the highest possible, and one step higher than the ‘Bereiter’ title. An International Level III means certification as a Master Instructor. Dave has trained horses up to the Grand Prix level of dressage and show-jumping. His students have been successful up to international levels in both dressage and jumping. Many are successful trainers in their own right. As a popular clinician, Dave works with riders of various disciplines who seek heightened communication and performance, based on the German training system and expertise in biomechanics. Dave’s ability to convey complex theoretical concepts and help riders not only to feel, but also to reproduce improvement, sets this trainer apart.

Dave has taught theory-based courses in riding and riding-related biomechanics at educational institutions such as the Westphalishe Reit und Fahr Schule Trainer School (GER), UMB Agricultural University (NOR), and Tveit Agricultural College (NOR).

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