Danish Domination at 2003 Palm Beach Dressage Derby

Danish Duo, Petersen and Dansko's Success, Triumph at the Derby

Living up to his name, Dansko's Success had a triumphant weekend at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby, February 28-March 2, at the showgrounds at White Fences in Loxhatchee, Florida.

On Friday, the 16.2 hand Danish gelding, ridden by Lars Petersen, scored a 72% to win the Prix St. Georges, Open ABIC. His stablemate, Schumacher, ridden by Lars' wife Mette, finished a close second with a score of 71.25%. Then, on Sunday, Success topped the FEI Test of Choice open division, scoring a 68.875%. It was just his second time at Intermediare I. Schumacker, a nine year-old Danish gelding, finished fourth in the same test, scoring 64.5%.

Success is one of several horses sponsored by Dansko, the ubiquitous clog company run by Mette's father, Danish dressage trainer Peter Kjellerup. His sire is Blue Hors Silver Moon, a horse that Petersen had ridden in the past. Lars and Mette have four Silver Moons. "We liked him, so we wanted to find some babies after him," Petersen said. Success, the oldest of the four, was purchased when he was a little over a year. His half-brother, Montana also had a successful weekend, scoring in the 70's at third level.

Petersen is happy with Success's performance this season, but notes that this is only the beginning. "Mette showed him a little bit at first level, but he has not shown since," Petersen said. "Right now, it's his second I1, and you can see the pirouettes, he's not quite strong enough to carry it, but I think he'll be a horse that does not have real weakness. He's super
talented, very smart."

Although it's too soon to tell what lies ahead for Success, Petersen is
leaving the door open for international competition. "I think this year, sometime, he'll go Grand Prix, in the fall or maybe down here, next year," he said. "Then my plan is to go to Europe and show a little bit and do the Danish Championships, and see how it goes."

by Jillian K. Dunham for Dressagedaily.com

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