Dance Fever Takes hold at Gold Coast Dressage CDI

It will go down as the best Exhibitor’s Party yet. Getting down was the theme. Janne Rumbough hosted her annual dinner at the Gold Coast CDI. One again the food was catered by our own, John Flanagan, and this time he raised the bar. Bobby Flay is lucky he didn’t stop by for a throw down because to John’s fare his wouldn’t compare!

During dinner, Sho Clothes hosted the Dance Your Breeches Off Dance Contest and ooh the joint was jumping. Celebrity judges included 6-time Olympian and TV host, Robert Dover, NY Times Best selling author and Grand Prix dressage diva, Tami Hoag and the lovely, Pam Wallace from Dance Connection. The MC for the evening festivities was (wow he can sing)- Rick Silvia and the amazing recording star, Christina Wallace. They entertained the audience with top shelf singing while the judges marked their ballots.

The judges had a tough job. Bent Jensen and Charlotte Bredahl floated in a cloud of elegance as they wallaced their way across the dance stage. Next up Bill McMullin and Isabelle Valencia put the audience in a disc daze and they showed off their collective hot stuff. And the flames got higher when Monica Burrssens and Francisco Prada hit the floor with a salsa tango number that was steamy and exciting. Late entries included the combo of Tim Dutta and Melissa Taylor who just couldn’t sit out the fun! DJ, Shane kept the entire crowd dancing long after the horses finished their night hay, hay hay!

Sho Clothes, Michelle Hundt and Betsy Rebar Sell crowned the eventual winners, Monica and Francisco with a pair of full seat breeches from Sho Clothes. It was a star-studded night and one that dressage fans hope will become an annual tradition.