Custom Saddlery Introduces Contour Flex Girth

Custom Saddlery’s Contour Flex Girth
Custom Saddlery’s Contour Flex Girth

Aiken, SC – Custom Saddlery’s line of innovative, custom fit dressage saddles now have a custom contoured girth to match.  With the introduction of their Contour Flex Girth, Custom delivers on their promise to constantly strive to provide the ultimate in saddle fit and comfort for horses and riders. The Contour Flex girth is anatomically designed to increase the overall comfort of the horse, and in so doing increase performance.

Handcrafted in soft leather, the girth is shaped to allow for more freedom for the horse’s elbow and forearm. The contoured shape of Custom’s girth combined with the exceptional fit and design of Custom’s line of saddles makes for a pairing of equipment that benefits both horse and rider. The Contour Flex Girth is elastic at both ends with stainless steel rollers for easy adjusting. A center D ring allows for the attachment of training aids, and in keeping with their theme of customization, buyers may choose from a variety of stitching choices.

While Custom’s saddles are already known for their fit and performance, they are gaining notoriety for their custom colors, styles, and details. From navy snakeskin leather and Swaroski crystals, to supple white and mocha buffalo hide and matching stitching, Custom’s options are effectively limitless to create a saddle that fits your personality as well as your body and your horse.

In designing their Contour Flex Girth, the focus was, as always, on fit and comfort, but they included a bit of Custom’s signature style options. Their varied stitching options on their saddles have been extended to their girths, so that the saddles and girths will work together as seamlessly to the eye of an observer as they feel to the horse and rider.

For a full line up of Custom’s stitching and style options, visit their website at Custom’s Contour Flex Girth is also available for purchase with limited stitching options through Dover Saddlery: