Craig Johnson, Dell Hendricks, Clint Haverty and Scott McCutcheon Grab Silver USA Reining Team Finishes Second in German Nations Cup

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National Reining Horse Association stars Craig Johnson, Dell Hendricks, Clint Haverty and Scott McCutcheon earned the United States a Reserve Championship slot at the FEI-sanctioned reining competition held in Kreuth, Germany, August 30 - September 2. Seven teams competed in the event, which was the third such competition since the FEI officially recognized reining last year. With Texas reiner Jim Kiser serving as Chef d'Equipe, and Jeff Fox, USET Director of Reining Activities, as the Team Leader, the USA contingency became the first-ever reining team to represent the US in an FEI event outside the United States. The talented quartet of riders piloted their multi-national borrowed horses to a team score of 1289 to finish behind Italy's 1314 total. Topping the USA group was Dell Hendricks, of Pilot Point, Texas. Hendricks, the 1999 NRHA Futurity Champion, scored 433 on Little Gump (Haidas Little Pep X Little Marmoset), a 7-year-old AQHA stallion owned by Cira Baeck of Belgium. Thirteen-time World Champion Craig Johnson of Gainesville, Texas, scored 430 points on Smart Little Flo (Smart Little Lena X Right On Flo), a 6-year-old AQHA stallion owned by Claudia Haselsteiner or Germany. NRHA Futurity Reserve Champion Clint Haverty, of Krum, Texas, rode Salano Jac 2, an 8-year-old AQHA mare owned by Astrid Kavelius to a total of 425. NRHA Derby Champion Scott McCutcheon of Whitesboro, Texas, scored 213 on Golden Jac Nicholson (Jac O Rima X Its Sugar Time), a 6-year-old AQHA stallion owned by Renate Wustinger of Austria. In individual placings, Dell Hendricks was fourth on Little Gump, behind Germany's Volker Schmitt, and Italians Dario Carmignani and Adriano Meacci, who took the gold, silver and bronze respectively. The four USA reiners have amassed outstanding career records. All are world champions and each one is listed on the Leading All Time NRHA Earnings list.

Team Placings
1. Italy 1314.0 

2. USA 1290.0 

3. Switzerland 1260.5

4. France 1252.0 

5. Austria 1250.0 

6. Great Britain 1217.5

Individual Placings

1. Chex Enterprise Volker Schmitt (GERMANY) Heidi Wallner 445.0 

2. Frozen Sailor Dario Carmignani Severino Angelucci 441.0 

3. Billy All Dun Adriano Meacci Maurizio Silvestri 439.0 

4. Little Gump Dell Hendricks Cira Baeck 433.0
5 Little Red Jaba Nicola Cordoli Giampiero Isasca 431.5

Complete Team Scores
1 Billy All Dun Adriano Meacci Maurizio Silvestri 439.0 

1 Little Red Jaba Nicola Cordioli Guampiero Isasca 431.5 

1 RS Pine N Nuts Stefano Massignan Claudio Risso 430.5

1 Frozen Sailor Dario Carmignani (ITALY) Severino Angelucci 441.0

2 Little Gump Dell Hendricks Cira Baeck 433.0 

2 Smart Little Flo Craig Johnson Claudia Hasselsteiner 430.0 

2 Salano Jac 2 Clint Haverty Astrid Kavelius 425.0

2 Golden Jac Nicholson Scott McCutcheon (USA) Renate Wustinger 213.5 

3 Wranglers Dually Yolanda Facchin Daniel Straumann 426.5 

3 Top Boggie Sail Judith Baumeister Markus Baumiester 424.0 

3 Sophies Surprise Carmen Schultheiss Daniel Schulteiss 410.0 

3 Sailwins Pride Manuela Graf (SWITZERLAND) Manuela Graf 404.5 

4 Gray Boggies Francis Arrot Dominique Reynaud 423.0 

4 Label Me Flashy Romual Poard Nathalie Bonvin 415.5 

4 Honey Leo Eric Laporte Nathalie Bonvin 412.5 

4 Smart Chic O Dream Francois Xavier Jolivat (FRANCE) Michelle Bertmark 403.5 

5 Melon Kali Whiz Cathrin Maric Cathrin Maric 424.0 

5 Wrangler's Okie Leo Gerold Dautzenberg Gerold Dautzenberg 399.0 

5 As Smart As Charly Rudi Kronsteiner Jurgen Kalischinski 220.0 

5 Spark N Pretty Sandra Friesenbiller(AUSTRIA) Sandra Friesenbiller 207.0

6 Chuka Chic Francesca Sternberg Doug Allen 416.0
6 Enterprising Olena Mark How Christine Neeld 395.0 

6 Zan Francisco Rey Lauren Jolly Lauren Jolly 390.5

6 Dennis The Menace Doug Allen (GREAT BRITAIN) Fr. Sternberg 209.5