Courtney King Dye Racks Up Successes at the Wellington Classic Dressage Spring Challenge

One other rider who racked up successes over the weekend was Courtney King-Dye who had wins with Don Principe, Grandioso and Atomic. It was only Atomic’s second show and he kicked it off by winning the opening day First Level Test of Choice with a 73.421 percent. “Despite wanting to look at everything around, he put in a very nice, clean test,” King-Dye said.
She was also thrilled with her FEI-level wins on Don Principe and Grandioso. “I'm still getting to know Don Principe, and our Prix St. Georges was conservative but steady.

I was actually much happier with the feel of our Intermediate I, but unfortunately, the flapping tent caused several major spooks, so I feel I have a lot to look forward to with him in bringing out that quality. It also feels great to have Grandioso getting confident in the Intermediate II. He's extremely talented for all of the movements, so I think once he is really strong and knows his job, he will be awesome. I love when you get to a point you can say to a horse, "Ok, there is nothing else you need to learn... We just have years and years to perfect all this!"

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