Courtney King-Dye Back in Action at Dressage at Devon

DressageDaily On the Scene - Dressage at Devon 2008


Devon, Penn. – Courtney King-Dye was back in action at Dressage at Devon after a month of waiting on the FEI’s decision regarding the finding of a banned substance in the blood of Mythilus, after he underwent routine testing at the 2008 Olympics in Hong Kong. King-Dye won Friday’s large FEI Prix St. Georges Open class with Jubilant, a nine-year-old Oldenburg stallion owned by Anne Wood.

“I was really happy with Jubilant and his win,” King-Dye said. She credited her assistant, Jennifer Marchand, with keeping the horse schooled while she was at the Olympics. “His test felt very confirmed and expressive and I think that as he gets fitter, he’ll get better.”

King-Dye competed in the Olympics with Mythilus and the FEI, while deciding that there was no evidence that she or anyone involved with the U.S. team had purposely given Mythilus the banned substance filbenac, King-Dye was disqualified from the Olympics and the U.S. lost its fourth-place finish in dressage. King-Dye said it meant a lot to her to “be here at Devon and to be able to compete and to take this win with Jubilant.”

“It felt great to be back in competition and to feel so much support from being here. It was important to get back in the ring and carry on. The FEI Tribunal was very clear when I was there that they didn’t want to punish me any further, so I had a good idea that I would be able to compete at Devon. But the best thing about coming here was getting the support of people,” King-Dye said.

She said that Mythilus just received another treatment Monday for the minor heart issue that arose in Hong Kong and is doing well, but needs a bit of recovery. Hence, he won’t be back in competition until the Florida season this winter. Meanwhile, King-Dye said she will compete some of the young horses in her barn at the upcoming USDF Region 1 Championships and at the Washington International Horse Show.

She said she wasn’t nervous about returning to competition at Devon after her situation with the FEI, but she was more aware of eyes around the ring. “I wasn’t nervous at all about the reaction because I had gotten a positive reaction from everyone before coming. But, when I got on a horse and was riding around the ring, I did feel a little more aware. I usually don’t notice if people are watching or anything, but I think I was more aware of that this time. I wasn’t worried about what they were thinking. I just felt more noticed. “

She’ll be doing Region 1 Championships with a couple of young horses and then doing the Washington International. With Mythilus won’t do anything until Florida. Just had his heart refibralated on Monday and I can ride him a little bit but not get his blood pumping for a few weeks.  I have to move him along slowly and he should be good to go for the winter season.

Courtney Thanks DressageDaily Readers for Their Support

Hi Mary: First of all, thank you again for posting my response and for being so supportive. I so appreciate you publicizing the balanced version of all stories and also for promoting what is right and good in this sport. Can you please post the following "thank you" to all of my supporters out there I have been unable to respond to.

I want to extend my most sincere gratitude to all of you out there who have written me notes of support and good wishes. It has made this burden far easier to bear, and I am only very sorry that time is not allowing me to reach out to each of you personally.

It has meant so much to me, and now it feels really good to just be getting on with life! For those of you out there who expressed concern about my continuing passion, don't worry! I am as inspired and dedicated as ever, even more so now because of the warmth and sincere caring you have all expressed.

It feels like a wonderful, unified community, and I am so lucky to be part of it. Thank you!