Courtney King: A Barn And A Horse Of Her Own

Making the team and competing in the Olympics is one of Courtney's goals. Also in her plans is operating a training facility of her own. In addition to riding, she is also USDF-certified to teach through Fourth Level. "Right now I'm looking for a barn where I can have all my clients and horses near the city so that I can stay in school," she said, noting that she is currently living in the Bronx. "Then when I finish with school I can do a full-time riding business, but I want to keep it very concentrated. I think it's really important for your inspiration and your concentration to be able to have an assistant so that it's not a seven-day-a-week, 24-hour job."

To enhance her skills and obtain help with some of the horses she is bringing along, Courtney periodically attends clinics with Albreicht Heideman from Germany, who teaches occasionally in the northeast. "He was stabled with me in Germany," said Courtney. "He's good with piaffe and passage."

One of the joys in her life is Zydeco, the first horse Courtney has ever owned. She qualified 'Ziggy' for the Region 8 Championships at Training and First Level this year but had to scratch him as he is recovering from an injury. "He's an Idocus baby. He's five now. I've had him since he was nine months. He's so cool. He's so much like Idocus. I might have to sell him. It's so expensive to be on the other side of the horse business!" she laughed. "I'm hoping to find a way to work it off. I'm hoping to find a way to keep him."