Courtney King: Back to School

Courtney spent a month traveling in Europe after Zwolle and adopted her current constant companion, Quiver, a stray dog she found on the road in Italy. When she returned to the United States during the spring of 2001, Courtney decided to take a break from riding full-time and go back to school. "I got really, really burnt out when I was in Germany," she said. Being back in school and riding part-time under no pressure inspired her and revived her love of riding, and she soon returned to riding full-time. During the summer, she rides at least 10 horses a day.

Though school is important to her, Courtney is adamant about what she plans to do with her degree. "Hopefully nothing!" she said, noting that she has chosen riding as her career. "I really like being in school and I think it's really important to have balance. To stay in riding I need something else to think about. I like wearing normal clothes once in a while. I like having a social life. If I had to do something other than ride, if something happened, then I would want to write. I love reading and writing."

Not only does her degree in literature make sense from that perspective, but Courtney also views it as a good general degree to have if she decides to enroll in graduate school. She hasn't selected a major for an advanced degree, but continuing her education is part of her life. "I definitely find that it makes a difference in my happiness and in my focus."