Connor Swail and Ariana Win Week 4 Wellington Turf Tour 1.40m Grand Prix

 Conor Swail and Ariana
Conor Swail and Ariana

Wellington, FL - The competition was fierce Friday at the International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC) as The Ridge at Wellington Turf Tour completed its fourth week of competition. Connor Swail and Ariana were the trailblazers, leading the class from start to finish with their phenomenal double clear effort completed 31.860 seconds. Alexander Zetterman and Avon finished in second place with a time of 34.072 seconds, while Andrew Bourns and Tzargazer rounded out the top three with their time of 34.372 seconds.

Over 50 horse and rider combinations gathered on the polo field at IPC, vying for the $15,000 offered in prize money for the fourth of 12 Ridge at Wellington Turf Tour 1.40m Grand Prix. Nick Granat designed the course for the day, setting a technical track that proved for a heart thumping jump-off.
Brianne Goutal was the first horse to post a double clear effort and continue onto the shortened track. She rode Ballade Van Het Indihof to the time of 34.960 seconds. The 2014 Ridge at Wellington Turf Tour Leading Rider Jeffery Welles aboard Callais followed her to the second clean round of the day, but his time of 36.350 seconds would only prove good enough for the tenth place, while Goutal would finish fifth.

Goutal said, "All of us riders are really grateful to have The Ridge as an option to come and jump away from the show grounds-it is a nice change of pace and atmosphere. It is always really fun to jump on grass. The weather and everything couldn't have been better here today. Nona [Garson] and George [D'Ambrosio] do an amazing job maintaining everything. The management really shows."

Alexander Zetterman and Avon
Alexander Zetterman and Avon

Current leading rider Connor Swail aboard Ariana cleared the first course with ease and moved into the jump-off. They were smoking as they covered the ground and completed all the possible options to shave the seconds, with Swail never touching the reins. As only the twelfth rider of the day, Swail admitted that he was riding fast with the hopes of staying in the top three by the end of the competition.

"The jump-off today was short, so it meant that I had to be very fast," Swail said. "I left out a stride from one to two, then I did a good rollback. It was important to cover the ground efficiently. She was very good to jump the double today and we left out a stride to the final fence. I didn't leave too much room out there, but I knew I was going to have to run quite hard; there are some great riders here."

Swail continued, "Ariana is about 14 years old, and this is her first show since Toronto. The facilities are so great here to start your horses back. It is a great environment and good ground. It is a beautiful arena. She is well qualified to do this. She was my top horse over the winter, and she won some top classes over there. She jumped great today, as she always does. I always like to say that it is good enough for top three. I had a good day, so I am very pleased."

Zetterman attempted to catch Swail's speed with Avon later in the day, but he broke the beam two seconds behind Swail's blazing time, surpassing Andrew Bourns with Tzargazer who finished in 34.372. Juan Andres Rodriguez completed the jump-off just behind Bourns in 34.372 seconds aboard Bugatti for the fourth place.

Andrew Bourns and Tzargazer
Andrew Bourns and Tzargazer

It seemed as though nobody would catch Swail's time, but Sharn Worldey and Popstar Lozonais flew around the shortened course, racing to trip the timers. They nearly took over the lead with their time of 31.351 seconds, but four faults in the penultimate obstacle, a technical double combination, would put them out of the rankings.

Beth Underhill and Viggo finished sixth behind Goutal in 35.203 seconds, while Charley, with Juan Ortiz in the irons, captured the seventh place in 35.342 seconds. Angela Covert and Utan completed the day in eighth. "We are getting set up for the rest of the season, and it is great to come and show over here. I try to bring a couple of horses every week. It is great to start with your better horses and bring your younger horses here and improve them," Swail concluded.

Running concurrently in the second ring were the long-awaited schooling jumpers and classics. It was Sierra Ucci Peddie who rode to the win in the $2,000 M&S/NAL WIHS Child/Adult Jumper Classic with Big Easy. Paul Yanke and Carle captured the $3,000 NAL Junior/Amateur-Owner Classic victory. "I think that this is a great opportunity for people that want to come and compete while having a good time," Peddie said. "I think that it is definitely worth the trip out here, and I think everyone, horse and rider, will have a good experience. The courses were great, and it really was a good time showing."

The Wanderer's Club will host the fifth week of The Ridge at Wellington Turf Tour, at their private facility boasting a pristine polo field that will showcase the best show jumping has to offer. Both Wednesday and Friday's events promise to be exciting, with the 1.30m-1.35m classes and the $15,000 1.40m Grand Prix running from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.  The turf will see low and medium schooling jumpers with two classes running concurrently offered at each height on both days. The schooling jumper classes will continue to be offered on Friday throughout the remainder of the Turf Tour. 

For week five of the Wellington Turf Tour, Meadowbrook Horse Transport will provide a complimentary shuttle to and from the Wanderer's Club in Wellington, FL. Parking and space is limited, so please arrange to make plans to jump on one of Wellington's most prestigious turfs. The Ridge would like to thank their most recent sponsor, Dover Saddlery, for their support of the 12-week series as the cooler and banner sponsor.

Meadowbrook Horse Transport will continue to provide transportation to and from the horse show and other locations throughout Wellington for both the Wednesday and Friday events next week. The transportation is a nominal fee of $50 per horse, and will be calculated into the final show fees. To make a reservation for one of the three pickup times: 8 a.m., 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. please call Peter Tufano of Meadowbrook Horse Transport at (954) 415-7217, or call Nona Garson at (908) 500-0996

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$15,000 1.40M Grand Prix - Table II Sec 2b
Place   Entry    Horse     Owner     Rider    
1st   738  Ariana Susan Grange  Connor Swail
2nd   823  Avon  Alexander Zetterman  Alexander Zetterman
3rd   777  TZARGAZER  Andrew Bourns Andrew Bourns
4th   807  Bugatti    FEI Juan Andres Rodriguez  Juan Andres Rodriguez 
5th   801  Ballade Van Het Indihof  Remarkable Farms Lp  Brianne Goutal
6th   543  Viggo  Beth Underhill  Beth Underhill
7th   769  Charley  Synchronicity Group  Juan Ortiz
8th   809  Utan  Angela Covert  Angela Covert

Child and Adult Jumper 1.15M Table IV Sec 1
Place   Entry    Horse     Owner     Rider    
1st   723  Big Easy  Sierra Ucci Peddie  Sierra Ucci Peddie
2nd   728  Wirco Polo  Kristen Landino   Kristen Landino
3rd   737  Jason Du Boele  Katherine M. Steenberg   Katherine M. Steenberg
4th   741  Terra Promessa  CJ Towers  Jenn Blumenthal
5th   715  New Jersey  Sweet Oak Farm  Elizabeth Notmam
6th   744  Wisteria  Dana M. Rizzo  Dana M. Rizzo

$2,000 M&S/NAL WIHS Child/Adult Jumper Classic 1.15M TII,2b
Place   Entry    Horse     Owner     Rider    
1st   723  Big Easy  EC5100416 Sierra Ucci Peddie  EC5700476 Sierra Ucci Peddie
2nd   805  Wanant  Whish LLC   Whitney Lind
3rd   804  Vigaro  Page E. Tredennick  Charlotte Currey
4th   728  Wirco Polo  Kristen Landino   Kristen Landino
5th   744  Wisteria  Dana M. Rizzo  Dana M. Rizzo
6th   715  New Jersey   Sweet Oak Farm  Elizabeth Notmam
7th   737  Jason Du Boele  Katherine M. Steenberg   Katherine M. Steenberg
8th   714  Angel-O  5299437 Siboney Ranch  Brigitte Harbers

Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper 1.30M Table IV Sec 1
Place   Entry    Horse     Owner    Rider       
1st    821  Victoria Rose  Karina Aziz  Karina Aziz
2nd    820  Cathlet  Suave Pony LLC  LIsabella Russekoff
3rd    625  Olivia Melody  Hampton Farms LLC  5017010 Cynthia Hampton   

$3,000 NAL Junior/Amateur Owner Classic Table II Sec 2b
Place   Entry    Horse     Owner     Rider    
1st   643  Carle  Paul Yanke  Paul Yanke
2nd   817  Loreana  Michelle Kamine  Michelle Kamine
3rd   595  Carpathia K   Hidden Brook Farm  Tiffany Field
4th   647  Estar  Hidden Brook Farm  Chloe Field
5th   803  Herrock  Christian Currey   Charlotte Currey
6th   727  Coriano Zwartepannenhof  Hidden Brook Farm  Chloe Field
7th   818  Valou  Michelle Kamine  249131 Michelle Kamine