Connemara Stars on “Martha Stewart Show”

New York City – Former United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) member and breeder Cindy Fletcher is the proud owner of Greystone's Adirondack A'Herne, also known as "Harry," an 18-year-old bay Connemara stallion who appeared this month on stage at the “Martha Stewart Show.”

Previous to his Martha Stewart stardom, Harry has made his mark in the show ring, winning more than 50 champion or reserve champion driving titles and numerous year-end awards. Harry now serves as an ambassador of sorts for the breed, representing Connemara ponies at both the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games as well as Equine Affairs in Massachusetts.

Named for the region in western Ireland where the breed originated, Connemara ponies are agile creatures renowned for their versatility and gentle, willing dispositions. The sure-footed breed has great stamina and adaptability, and traditionally was used to pull carts loaded with seaweed from the shore up to the potato fields. However, the multifaceted animals are also skilled at just about anything a pony can do - jumping, dressage, driving and long-distance running.

Photo: Greystone's Adirondack A'Herne, also known as "Harry". Martha Stewart Show