A Clinic for Dressage Ponies With German Pony Chef d'Equipe Cornelia Endres

Region 8 and Dressage4Kids, Inc. present a clinic for FEI Dressage Ponies with Cornelia Endres, national trainer of the German Pony Dressage Riders at Gleneden Dressage in Bedford, NY, on August 6-8, 2003

Cornelia Endres is the incredibly successful National Trainer of the German Pony Dressage Riders and there is probably no one who knows how to
develop Dressage Ponies and their Riders better. She has always been passionate about riding. She was a three-time State Champion of Rheinland-Pfalz as a Junior. She was very successful in the German Championships including fourth place in the Juniors in 1969. Mrs. Endres received a diploma as a sports coach and in 1977 she became Head of the Youth Department of the German Riding Association. She then started focusing on pony riders and is now the National Coach. The Pony riders have won 17 team and 10 Individual Gold Medals at European Championships under her leadership. In the past three years they have won all the individual medals. Cornelia Endres also manages Gestut Eulenhof, a Riding and Training Facility.

Riders of all ages on Dressage ponies of any level are invited to apply.
Preference will be given to ponies competing Second Level and above with any age rider, and to riders under 16 competing at lower levels. Adults will definitely be considered. Riders will be selected by Lendon Gray and Region 8 Director Fern Feldman in consultation with Mrs. Endres. Preference will also be given to riders who can ride all three days.
Riders of upper level ponies will be in private lessons, while lower level ponies will be in groups of two or three which is the usual method of teaching by Mrs. Endres. Our thanks to the American Connemara Pony Society for their support for this clinic.

Fees are as follows: (application must be postmarked by July 17)
Private $160 per lesson
Semi-private $110
Group of three $85
Stabling $25 per day, initial bedding only. Feed and bedding may
be purchased at cost.
Auditors $25 per day (Please bring your own chair if
Dinner with Lecture and Videos - Thursday -- $30.
There will be discussions with Mrs. Endres during the lunch break.

The nearest motel is the Ramada Inn in Armonk. The Heidi Motel in Brewster is further (25 minutes) but less expensive. For more information contact Lendon Gray, 914 234-4158 (eves),
graydresge@aol.com, fax 914 234-2519

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