Clients = Friends

Kathy Priest - Dressage Rider, Trainer and Instructor

The boarders at Woodspring Farm feel like they are all part of the family. Brenda Katz of Santa Monica, California became a client in 2000 but is now more than just a paying customer, she is a true friend. Brenda has had three horses at Woodspring Farm in the time that she has known Kathy. Her most recent horse, Bangor, was a gift from Brenda’s co-workers when she left that position. Bangor is currently being successfully competed and shown by Kathy at Third level.

“She is a dear person, a cheery, loving lady—a true friend. She is so honest, what she tells me I never question. She is so fair and will tell you if you are doing something wrong or right no matter who you are. Her integrity and reputation are just impeccable.

I’ve been around the horse business for 37 years, and I’ve had a lot of horses and seen some pretty bad people. She opens her home to her students who become friends and not just clients. She is just a delight. You always feel welcome and at home at her place.”

Brenda travels to Lexington four to five times a year to spend time with Kathy and Bangor. She also traveled to Florida in the winter of 2006 to act as their cheering section.

“The friends I have made through being involved with Kathy are priceless. She is such a remarkable woman, such a caring person. She makes everyone feel like family. She always makes sure everyone is taken care of—that’s just Kathy.”