Classic Company Debuts the Red Dot Special at Gulf Coast Winter Classic

Gulfport, MS - February 18, 2010 - Winter Circuits have long been known as a word of mouth market place for selling or buying new ponies and horses. Classic Company is debuting a simple aid to help both parties, affectionately dubbed “Red Dot Specials”, at the Gulf Coast Winter Classics.

Typically at winter shows nationwide those trying to sell a horse or pony rely on spreading the word via conversations or small flyers posted around barns and public places like food stands which may or may not attract attention.

The new Red Dot program is an effort to expand sellers’ options to reach potential buyers at no out of pocket expense. Bob Bell, President of the Classic Company, explained the concept, “If a horse or pony is for sale then the owner or trainer can, at their discretion, get a red dot from the horse show office to be put on the right hand corner of the entry’s back number to signify the mount is available.”  

Additionally the show staff will include a memo on each judge’s clipboard explaining the purpose of the red dots on the back numbers; a similar memo is posted on each course board for trainers and riders to be aware of why they’re “seeing red dots” on their fellow competitors. One more bonus for red dot participants is having the morning announcements to include a reminder and explanation of the program.

Bell explained that over the years one of the constant remarks heard has been how sellers wish more people knew their horse or pony was on the market, many saying that given their constant show schedule conventional methods hadn’t always panned out as hoped. That sparked Bell’s idea to create an easy convenient method for the horse shows to provide some free promotion on behalf of their exhibitors. “It seems like a win-win situation with minimal cost to the show, but a great advantage to those wanting to buy or sell.”

The Red Dot Specials have no class restrictions so any viable pony or horse can be distinguished by the dot whether they’re showing hunters or jumpers. “Someone watching ringside who takes an interest in a horse can easily jot down the back number as a reference then go into the show office to ask for barn location and/or trainers name and from there stroll over to the barn to inquire further on the horse. Ideally making it easier for both parties to connect.” Bell said.

Classic Company plans to support the Red Dot Specials program at all their events this season. “We continue to seek out opportunities to enhance our exhibitors’ time at our shows, whether it’s assisting in their sales business or a new class to promote fun in our sport.” Bell stated.

To sign up for the Red Dot Specials drop by the show office between 8AM and 4PM, located across from the main hunter ring. The Gulfport Winter Classics continues with more hunter/jumper action through March 21st. Admission is free and the public is invited to enjoy the exciting competition throughout the week along with another $25,000 Grand Prix each Sunday afternoon.

Photo: Gulf Coast Winter Classics ©Flashpoint Photography