Cindy Sydnor, the Writer

Cindy Sydnor

"I want people to consider where the horse is coming from," she says. "You can't ride well until you're a partner with the horse. My goal in riding is not to prove anything, but to set a good example for the next generation. Just talking about riding isn't as effective as showing your students the way it's supposed to be." Accomplished in many aspects, Cindy has been involved with dressage education from a variety of angles. With her European background, she offered to translate Walter Zettl's "Dressage in Harmony" from German to English, a three-year project. She speaks German and Portuguese fluently and a little French.

She still likes to contribute to publications every so often. “I wrote an article that was in the November issue of Dressage Today, called ‘The Release--the neglected part of contact,’ said Cindy. “I received many nice comments about it; it seems that readers were ready for something like this. Also, in ‘Hunter and Sport Horse’ magazine, a good article was published about my thoughts on preserving the gaits through training.”

She also recently submitted a long article on "Starting the Young Horse" for USDF Connections magazine.

Cindy is currently in the midst of translating several pages from Harry Boldt's wonderful book, "The Dressage Horse," from the German for a young friend who wants to write her college thesis on the differences between the French and German schools of dressage. She also hopes to find the time to write a good article on the importance of the dominant eye in the training of the horse.