Cindi Rose Wylie Heads into Markel/USEF National Young Horse Dressage Championships with Two Horses at the Top of the List

Cindi Rose Wylie and Folcano
Cindi Rose Wylie and Folcano

Like the volcano that held them hostage in Europe, Cindi Rose Wylie’s latest mounts, Folcano and Edlerubin, have made an explosive impression in Young Dressage Horse competition since arriving in the U.S. Both have qualified to compete in the Markel/USEF National Young Horse Dressage Championships later this month at Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, Illinois. Folcano is currently the number one four-year-old horse in the U.S. with an overall score of 8.67.

Folcano and Edlerubin were purchased at the end of March at the Westphalian auction in Munster-Handorf with the help of Kareen Heineking-Schutte of Because of the world-wide disruption of air travel from the volcanic eruption in Iceland, the two horses were stuck in Europe for a month and didn’t arrive in the U.S. until April 24. The volcano did inspire a name change for one of the two. Folcano was originally named Free Willi. But neither Cindi nor Steve Schubert, current USDF treasurer and Cindi’s significant other, liked that name and they thought Folcano was much more fitting.

Cindi has been one of the Northeast’s top riders and trainers for more than 20 years. Together, she and Steve manage several equestrian businesses – Rosebrook Farm, Quarterline Dressage LLC and Shooting Stars Dressage LLC. It’s her ability to bring horses of varied breeds and backgrounds to the top in dressage competition that has earned Cindi tremendous respect as a trainer and rider. Her current Grand Prix partner is Audacity, a 13-year-old half-Morgan by Tenacity. A previous Grand Prix partner was a Thoroughbred named Stretch.

It was a group of Cindi’s supporters who formed the investment group that purchased Folcano and Edlerubin, as well as a weanling, at the auction. Folcano (Joey) was sired by Florestan out of a Worldman mare. Edelrubin (Ruby) is by Ehrentusch out of a Rubiloh mare. The investment is clearly paying off.

Cindi Rose Wylie and Edelrubin
Cindi Rose Wylie and Edelrubin

Since their arrival in the U.S., Ruby and Joey have racked up multiple wins and qualified for the National Young Horse Dressage Championships. Ruby has been showing all summer at Training Level, earning scores in the 70's. Ruby is currently tied for fifth in the nation, with Sir Velo ridden by George Williams. Coincidently, Sir Velo was also purchased at the Westphalian Auction. Both Edelrubin and Sir Velo have an average score of 8.08. Joey, currently number one on the ranking list, has competed twice earning scores in the 70's at Training Level. In the Four-Year-Old test competition, he scored an 8.8 at the Mystic Valley Hunt show and an 8.5 at Westbrook.

Cindi admits she’s quite excited about the early success of her two new young horses. “While I’ve been lucky to have many wonderful horses in my life, these are clearly the two most wonderful and talented individuals that I have had the opportunity to work with,” she said. “They are such naturals that the work is incredibly easy for them, and there’s really nothing that we ‘train’ right now. Mostly we just work on relaxation and suppleness.”

In addition to the National Young Horse Dressage Championships, Cindi is aiming both horses for the USDF Region 8 Championships in New York in September. Although her ultimate goal is national and international competition, Cindi said she is taking much care in the training and progression of each to ensure they aren’t pushed too quickly despite their talent. “I am looking forward to them both having long happy and healthy careers. I do plan to work them both up the ranks of the young horse and developing horse classes, as they are both have already demonstrated that they have the talent to do so. My only job at this time is to lay the foundation of a good working partnership and to help them slowly develop the strength they need to progress as dressage horses. With any luck, you will see them both in the Grand Prix ring some day!”

In addition to her young horses, Cindi continues to be busy with Audacity and this summer, the pair earned their best Grand Prix Freestyle score ever – a 72 percent. Cindi has also been showing two new horses this season – a 13-year-old Hanoverian named Donnertanz, owned by Ellen Sullivan, and a 12-year-old German Riding pony stallion named Pernod, owned by Nancy Gillett.

Cindi’s talent as a rider and trainer has brought her much success, but she gives the credit to her strong support team that includes her students and boarders, her parents – Martha and Bob Rose – and, most certainly, Steve Schubert.


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