Christy Lynn Hart Credits Family, Friends and Students for Her Success

Christy Lynn Hart

Christy Lynn Hart most certainly has a great relationship with Crawford and gives her much credit for getting her as far as she is. "In 2001, I went through a very painful divorce. I wanted to do something for myself, so I made the decision to move to middle Tennessee to ride with Tami Crawford. I didn't have a job, a place to live, a place to board my horse, or any money, but I knew everything would work out. My job with Tami was simply meant to be. I came to her out-of-the-blue just at the time that her current groom was heading off to college. The timing was simply divine. I knew from the first lesson with Tami on Mouse that I had made the right decision. She understands me and how I ride, and she knows when to push me out of my comfort zone. Tami is so positive, but boy is she TOUGH! When you go in Tami's ring, you go to RIDE!!! I am the rider that I am today because of her. I hear her words and training coming out of my mouth as I am teaching my own students. Tami is more than a trainer to me. She is a mentor and a friend, and someone I know I can always count on," Christy said.

Crawford thinks as much of Christy as she does of her. “As a student, Christy is very hard-working and understands the basic principles of dressage. As a person, she is very loyal and conscientious. She will absolutely go the extra mile,” Crawford said.

In addition to Crawford, Christy credits her family, especially her sister, Heather, with being her biggest supports. Her other big supporter is her business partner, Trish Hattery. "My sister goes to every horse show, and she has become quite the groom! And without Trish, I wouldn't have been able to purchase my young horse or have the opportunities that I have been given recently. I thank God everyday for both of them," Christy said.

And last, but certainly not least, Christy knows that without her students, she wouldn't have a career as a teacher and she thinks the world of all of them. "I have a great group of students. I teach a lot of adult amateurs, almost all of them switching to dressage from the hunter world, and I teach a lot of advanced level Pony Clubbers. I base my success on my student's success, and I am especially proud of them. I have a student, Trish Powers, who came to me last January with a very complicated Thoroughbred mare. The mare didn't know her leads, didn't know much of anything. Exactly one year later, they are ready to show Training Level and schooling First and doing some Second Level work."

Christy has many other students who have made her proud, including Aspen West, who was a working student for her and "my right hand for so long." The success of her students fills Christy with proud and makes her job as teacher very satisfying. "One of my proudest accomplishments as a teacher is in my student, Leila Owen. Leila is a Pony Clubber, and she and her horse Zeus placed second at the USPC National Championships in Lexington in 2007. She had her best dressage score ever! I also teach a mother and daughter, Jules and Morgan McCord, who have both come a long way in their dressage. Both are eventers and fox hunters by nature, but they have really taken to the dressage bug! I have many other students who would take forever to list, but I am proud of them all!"

For Christy Lynn Hart the Future is Full of Possibilities