Christmas Shopping in Amsterdam

Before the Horse Show begins at the Rai Center this weekend, Nancy (Phelps) Patterson checks out some unique Christmas ornaments in the famous flower market section of Amsterdam.

We spent a sunny chilly day touring the city guided by information we found on the internet and from some friendly guidance along the way. The American dollar is strong here, at 2.11 NLG and the Phelps sisters intend to take full advantage!

With Sunday being St. Nicholas day, we need to get the biggest wooden shoes we can find to set outside our hotel room where in Holland 'Santa Klaus' comes December 5, and fills up them up with candy and treats.

Look for our coverage this weekend as Anky Van Grunsven and Gestion Bonfire perform their freestyle magic along with a full class in the Dressage World Cup qualifier, as well as Show-Jumping Amsterdam, in the last indoor show in Europe of the year.

The Internet Guide to Amsterdam