Christine Traurig and Etienne Head For Gladstone

Voerde, Germany - Christine Traurig and her Olympic Partner, Etienne, have qualified to compete in the World Equestrian Games Selection Trials being held in Gladstone, New Jersey over the first two weekends in June. Traurig and Etienne re-entered the competition arena back in December of 2001 for the first time since the 2000 Olympics.

The pair competed in Europe throughout the winter and became the eighth rider to qualify for the selection trials with an average score of 65.440%. According to Traurig's new sponsors, Dan and Kelly Trierweiler, qualifying for the selection trials was never an expectation when they purchased the 18-Hand, Westfalen, Gelding back in July of 2001.

"The horse has been through an awful lot," said Dan Trierweiler. "Thanks to Christine, Etienne is now back to doing the kind of work that he was capable of doing at Sydney in 2000."

"We never dared to hope for such a comeback," added Kelly Trierweiler. "And frankly, that's not why we bought Etienne. Christine is devoted to him. A year ago, their worlds were very different. This horse has the heart of a lion. We are so proud of them both."

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