Chrissa Hoffmann Shares Her Knowledge

Chrissa F. Hoffmann

With a growing clinic schedule, and many students benefiting from her expertise, Chrissa enjoys the process of teaching others. Janet Sweet, who was Barbara Silverman’s former business partner, also rode with Silverman, her only dressage instructor, prior to her current relationship with Chrissa.

Janet and Chrissa trained along side of each another for years with Barbara, before she passed away. “Ms. Silverman recognized Chrissa's talent very early and spent much of her last years nurturing and promoting Chrissa both in the show ring and at home training our clientele,” said Janet.

“Chrissa makes dressage fun for her students. She is very enthusiastic and constantly strives for the ‘key’ that will make the breakthrough happen. I have had her call me a day or two after a lesson and tell me that a new ‘plan’ just came to her. I appreciate her creative approach both to the rider and the individual horse. It is so refreshing to have a trainer that realizes that there is more than one way!”

Recently, Chrissa added a new addition to her barn and student roster – Laura Ovaitt. Laura is from New York and has joined Chrissa as a working student.

Family and Farm Keep Chrissa Hoffmann Busy