Chrissa Hoffmann is a Growing Success

Chrissa F. Hoffmann

In the three years that Chrissa Hoffmann settled into her new Glenfield Farm in Prospect, Kentucky, business has grown as word of her talent as a rider, trainer and horsewoman has spread. In early 2008, two new sponsors took note of Chrissa's growing status and signed her on as one of those riders. One of those new sponsors is Saddlery Solutions, formerly JRD Saddlery, owned by Mehrdad Baghai. And just this past April, Leather Therapy brought Chrissa on board as one of its riders.

Chrissa's success has brought her more than good sponsors. Her talent as a trainer and rider has brought to her door many wonderful clients with horses for her to train. And her reputation as a good teacher has brought to her many good students. Her latest business expansion draws on her skillful eye as a horsewoman.

Chrissa is now using her ability to judge quality horses to expand into the import and resale business. She's begun working with her trainer, Alex Gerding, to develop a business that finds good horses in Germany and then imports them to the U.S. for resale. There's little doubt Chrissa will be a success in this latest venture. She has proven over and over that she has a talent for choosing good horses and she has a talent for training – regardless of the breed.

This USDF Gold Medalist has successfully trained not only Warmbloods, but also the “non-traditional” American breeds, Morgans and Saddlebreds. Her success in the show ring proved it’s not about the breed, but the individual, demonstrating the value of dressage for all breeds and the ability of any breed of horse to excel with correct training.

Chrissa’s Life with Horses - The Beginning