Chrissa’s Life with Horses - The Beginning

Chrissa F. Hoffmann

Chrissa Hoffmann’s life with horses began when her Grandfather Glenn David Purdy of Frankfort Kentucky, bought her first horse, an Appaloosa, at age seven. Living in Kentucky she competed in eventing up through Preliminary level during high school. But it wasn’t until she was in college, that she took her first “real” dressage lesson with Barbara Silverman, of Diamond Hill Dressage, in Simpsonville, KY.

“All it took was one lesson with Barbara and I never returned to jumping again,” recalls Chrissa. “Barbara's true love for dressage inspired me, and basically, she had to start from ground zero!"

Under Silverman’s tutelage from 1996-2000, Chrissa excelled as a rider, horsewoman, and competitor. In May of 2000, Barbara Silverman, the popular FEI competitor who was short listed for the 2000 Olympic Games, passed away after a long, valiant and inspiring battle with ovarian cancer.

“Before she died," said Chrissa, “she told me to ride with two people: Robert Dover or Tina Konyot.” In the years that followed, Chrissa followed Silverman’s orders, as well as paving a path of her own. "Barbara is still such an inspiration in my riding today. I think about her all of the time, and miss her dearly."

Training with Robert Dover and Tina Konyot