Choice of Champions Helps Team Weber to the Silver Medal


Ocala, FL – While any equestrian knows it ‘takes a village’ to compete on the world stage, Team Weber is an excellent example of the success that comes from such superior teamwork, and have been relying on the products from Choice of Champions International to give their horses a winning edge over the best in the world. During the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, Team Weber demonstrated this success by capping their summer European tour with a Individual Silver Medal in the Four-in-Hand division. Ranked number one in Four-in-Hand Driving in the FEI World Standings, Chester Weber has had a banner year in 2014, from a string of victories spanning both national and international competition to making history as the first American to win the Four-in-Hand division at the CHIO Aachen and his most recent Individual Silver Medal at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

Weber’s strong belief in using only the best products and equipment is a major factor in his astounding success and the excellent health and overall well-being of his equine team. “He continues to redefine the world’s perception of American combined driving,” said Allyn Maix, president of Choice of Champions International. “We know what it takes to compete with the best, and our products are designed to deliver that level of performance. We are proud to be a part of Team Weber.”

While ensuring the horses are fit to tackle the competition in the show ring is a major part of training, that is only half the battle when traveling between cities or even continents. One of Team Weber’s secret weapons is Ulser Shield from Choice of Champions, which keeps the horses comfortable and digesting properly despite the stress of travel. Ulser Shield prevents ulcers by neutralizing horses’ stomach acid and improving digestion and nutrition absorption.

Another Choice of Champions supplement that Weber regularly uses while transporting is Lung Aid. This product helps to protect and bolster the horses’ respiratory tracts and immune systems, especially during long journeys. Semi-enclosed spaces such as horse trailers restrict air circulation and increase the concentration of dust and other particles in the air, so Weber uses Lung Aid to help prevent any problems that could occur in those conditions. Other functions of Lung Aid include improving heaves, allergies, chronic cough, lung congestion, and nasal and mucous discharge. One of Weber’s horses is given Lung Aid routinely, even when not traveling. The horse has a history of suffering from respiratory problems during long periods of exercise, such as the marathon phase of a driving competition. Since using Lung Aid, Weber’s team reports the horse’s breathing and heart rate have improved dramatically during physical exertion.

True Sweat, another of Weber’s “go-to” Choice of Champions supplements, is administered to two of his horses that tend to not produce enough sweat in hot weather. Horses that do not sweat properly can develop anhidrosis, which is a condition that hinders horses’ performance abilities and causes hair loss and a dull, rough coat.

Like Weber, Choice of Champions views keeping horses healthy as the highest priority. To learn more about Choice of Champions International and the supplements that the company offers, please visit or call1-800-868-1077.