Chester Weber Tops the Field in Cones and Dressage

Altenfelden, Germany (June 29, 2012) – Combined Driver Chester Weber, the nine-time USEF National Four-In-Hand Champion, showed off his outstanding dressage abilities during the 2012 Altenfelden International Driving Event, handily driving away with the top four-in-hand dressage score. Weber’s dressage score was a 36.86, a huge lead over the second place of 50.82 and the third place score of 53.25.

“My team has really shown a remarkable improvement in dressage and it is thrilling that we continue to drive away with the best scores,” Weber said, adding that Europe is highly competitive. Team Weber, comprised of horses owned by Weber and Jane Forbes Clark, is currently on a summer European tour with their sights set on the World Championships in Riesenbeck at the end of the summer. “During the dressage at Altenfelden we competed Boris W, Ringo, Splash and Uniek.”

During Altenfelden, Team Weber also put in a winning cones test. Following the team’s winning dressage score, they kicked off the marathon with a second place ranking after the first obstacle. The second obstacle proved to be the challenge, however, when the carriage bumped a wide-based tree and turned over, causing Team Weber to incur 60 penalty points and put them out of the running for a win at Altenfelden.

Team Weber showed true style on the marathon course. No horses or team members were injured, and after the carriage was righted Weber drove quickly and accurately, ranking first in the rest of the obstacles, #3 through #8. Team Weber was able to bounce back in the cones phase with another handy win, proving once and for all that Team Weber is a force to be reckoned with.

Despite the marathon incident, Weber was thrilled with his team’s performance in the dressage ring and he continues to earn the nickname “Mr. Dressage.” During Weber’s 2011 European tour, the foreign press dubbed Weber the Dressage Master and the “one to beat” in the dressage ring and the nickname “Mr. Dressage” was born. “Our dressage team showed us they have the capability of setting a new world record,” Weber said.

Weber added that he is grateful to Jane Clark and his entire team of support staff. “Jane’s horses have really added a great depth to the team,” he said, adding that the next stop for Team Weber-Clark is the CHIO Aachen in Aachen, Germany.

As one of America’s most driven and decorated competitors, Weber entered unchartered territory earlier this year when he won the USEF Four-In-Hand Championship for the ninth time. The combined forces of Team Weber and Team Clark has also proven to be a brilliant move and a positive step for American four-in-hand combined driving.

Photo: Weber’s dressage score was a 36.86, a huge lead over the second place of 50.82 and the third place score of 53.25. (Photo courtesy of