Charlotte's Favorites

Favorite drink:

Ice blended Java Chip Frappucino

Favorite food: Salads and chocolate

Favorite vacation place: Wellington , Florida and Barbados

#1 priority in life: Family, friends and pets (horses and dogs)

Hobbies: Playing tennis with my husband and son ( 2-3 evenings a week on our ranch tennis court) and ballroom dancing, whenever possible.

Other pastimes: Spending time with the kids I am mentoring and playing with my dogs Rocko and Bandit. Meeting my girlfriends at the local coffee house.

Favorite characteristic in friends: Integrity and loyalty.

My Supportive Owners and Partners:

Sue Veley and I have been friends for more years than I can remember and we’ve owned several horses in partnership. At the moment we own Windfall CB, a very successful performance horse as well as a great breeding stallion. We also own his offspring Wictoria, a 7-year-old mare (winner of the AHS mare performance test last fall).

Sayoko Nakatani and I co-own the 9-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding Eskada together. We started out as client and trainer and now are the best of friends. The plan is to take Eskada as far as he can go, which we believe will be Grand Prix. Thus far, he’s been very successful at Intermediaire I.

Kathy Pavlich and I have been friends for many years and I now ride her wonderful Grand Prix horse Komo, formerly ridden by the late Carol Plough. I also really enjoy teaching Kathy on her other talented horses.

I am so incredibly lucky to have not only wonderful horses, but also the best of owners.

They are true friends and they understand the risk involved when you have horses. They are also very encouraging and positive and never put any pressure on me.

We have so much fun at the shows together.

Last but not least, my very supportive husband Joel Baker. Being a horse man himself, he really understands the commitment it takes to compete at this level. He also understands it is a way of living, not just a hobby or career.

I would also like to thank my sponsors:

Superior Saddlery at 626-338-2666

Platinum Performance at 805-688-1731

MDC Intelligent Stirrups at 831- 393-0588

Heritage Gloves at 805-577-1593

Superior Saddlery has supplied me with wonderful custom-made saddles. They are so comfortable. Whenever somebody gets on one of my horses, they always comment about how comfortable my saddles are. The owner is Paul Selvey.

I have been feeding Platinum Performance to my horses for many years now and have been very happy with the results. At 24 years old, my retired Olympic horse Monsieur still looks great with a very healthy coat. That also goes for my two-year-old Westpoint and my competition horses Komo and Eskada. You can find out more on .

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