Changing the Face of USDF Sport Horse Breed Shows

Lori Kaminski, Director of Chesapeake Equestrian Events (CEE), announced today that CEE's June 25 & 26th premiere event at the Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area (Elkton, Maryland) will be showcasing a number of improvements for competitors and potential buyers bringing the USDF Sport Horse Breed Show to a whole new level.

Lori remarked earlier this week, "American breeders have faced - and are still facing - tremendous competitive pressure from sales venues in Europe that concentrate large numbers of horses in one location. US breeders are increasingly frustrated in their attempts to consolidate their exceptionally well bred horses to a comparable marketplace, which is what we are trying to overcome with CEE's USDF Sport Horse Breed Show at Fair Hill.

CEE believes that the USDF Breed Shows offer an exceptional opportunity to create a premier buyers' venue facilitated by the attendance of young horses at the Breed Show and by the publication of a unique, innovative Sales Catalogue featuring horses for sale by Show competitors regardless of whether or not those horses are physically participating in the Show."

Kaminski In Charge

Lori Kaminski's name should sound familiar to many in the dressage world, since for the past five years she has been the Show Secretary at what is arguably the largest breed show in the world - Dressage At Devon. In 2004 she started her own company, Chesapeake Equestrian Events. When asked about CEE she replied "Well, it started as a way to bring another show into the East Coast Cosequin/USDF Breeder's Championship Series. I needed a management organization to get USEF recognition thus CEE was born. We hosted our first show in August 2004, Fair Hill Sport Horse Breed Show. I was astonished at the number of entries- over 100! "

"Last year, we started the ball rolling with our 47-page, full color Show Program. I'd seen what was being produced in Europe, and thought it would set the right tone. A hunter/jumper stable sponsored the show last year. The owner had been to his first USDF Breed show in 2003 at Morven Park and really wanted to support our effort."

This year's show sponsor is Melmont Sporthorses, a new organization dedicated to finding creative solutions for connecting owners and trainers of young horses. They feel that sponsorship of this show sends a clear message about the partnerships between breeders, buyers and trainers in the young sporthorse market.

  • The Fair Hill Sport Horse Breed Show has expanded to a two-day event. In-Hand Classes will be primarily on Saturday with Under Saddle classes on Sunday. The In-Hand classes are judged on conformation and gaits.
  • A Sales Catalogue featuring two full page spreads per competitor will be distributed free to all attendees. Competitors are encouraged to list sale horses - regardless of age, breed, or discipline. It is our strong belief that this will evolve into a unique tool to assist potential buyers in finding the right sporthorse from those that know them well: The Breeders themselves.
  • "Born in the USA" awards will be offered for eleven In-Hand divisions as well as 4 Materiale classes. 'Born in the USA' is a program developed with grassroots sponsorship from breeders of young horses born and bred domestically, Born in the USA has grown to a regional program that has awarded up to $14,000 in prizes, depending on show-specific contributions.
  • Materiale classes are judged on the quality of movement under saddle at the walk, trot and canter. The judges are looking for engagement, balance and rideability. FEI 5- and 6-year old classes are planned for Fair Hill in 2006

The Equine Press is invited to attend the show and see, firsthand, what CEE is trying to accomplish, and to hear to views of show management, breeders, trainers and buyers. Competitors will be coming from as far north as Long Island, New York and as far south as Ocala, Florida. Please join us on Saturday June 25, 2005 for a reception sponsored by MMT Sport Horses after Saturday's In-Hand classes. We would like members of the press, breeders, show participants and spectators to freely interact and interchange ideas as we feel this show provides a unique platform for promotion of US bred horses.

For more information, please contact Lori Kaminski directly Telephone: 410.398.7571

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