Challenge For The Judges Leads to Win For Cornelissen

In the ‘scaring Amsterdam RAI’ where Jerich Parzival spooked two years ago, now Dutch Adelinde Cornelissen did win the seventh leg of the Reem Acra FEI World Cup™ Qualifier. The pair won, but it was not an easy win and a challenge for the judges. It was quite a good field in Amsterdam, the best until now. Chair Wim Ernes said: “We had number 1 being the horse with an amazingly good basic quality, well known number 2 being the horse that had problems with the tempi changes in Grand Prix which now had been solved and number 3, being the horse that can be called ‘piaffe and passage king’. From those top three any order could be defended!”

Jerich Parzival and Adelinde Cornelissen win Reem Acra FEI World Cup™ Qualifier in Amsterdam Pictures and Leanjo de Koster/FEI

Three judges made their decision for Adelinde and Jerich Parzival. Adelinde rode her Freestyle very exact and well-timed. The strong points of Jerich Parzival were well showed, however he still had the prize giving ceremony of Friday’s Grand Prix in his mind and also showed some tension.

“To be honest I shouldn’t have taken Jerich Parzival into the prize giving ceremony”, Adelinde said afterwards. “But I had no other horse with me. I also feel I owe the audience another look at Parzival. But his reactions in the arena were still noticeable. Anyway I’m happy that I can convince him more or less to go into that arena and to show himself. It has been much worse!”.

Isabell Werth was quite happy with her result. In Grand Prix the two tempi changes and after that the one tempi changes didn’t work at all. She had no explanation. In the Freestyle everything worked out fine again and she said: “I was really close now and that’s good.”

Isabell Werth loves to ride in Amsterdam, which has as she says ‘the best audience in the world’. Showing Warum Nicht FRH in the FEI World Cup™ Final in 2006 in Amsterdam, she became the runner up behind Anky van Grunsven and Keltec Salinero. Since that time she embraces the Amsterdam audience as the audience embraces her.


Patrik Kittel was the happiest man on earth. Owners Jan Greve and Margareth Schep allowed him to participate in their approved stallion Watermill Scandic HBC, which makes him very happy. Judge Els Mouw rewarded him with the winning score. Patrik said: “I had several tens at my score sheets. It was not the first time, but it was the first time international from so many judges. Very special. I received tens for several piaffes and the transitions piaffe to passage”. Chairman Wim Ernes said he had not rewarded the ten but nines, because he would have preferred to see a little more engagement from behind and collection. But Ernes had rewarded Watermill Scandic and Kittel with the highest score for harmony because of the most fluent and most harmonious presentation.

A pleasant surprise was prepared by Richard Davison and Artemis. His one tempi changes fitted like a T on the beautiful music created by Sir Elton John. Belgian national champion Jeroen Devroe now became seventh. In Mechelen he had motivated the audience by raising his hand to clap, this time he didn’t. He easily could have done it again as the passage of his elegant and light sport horse is very rhythmical and light footed. Very elegant riding also is Helen Langehanenberg. She showed Responsible light and elegant and started with risk with one tempi changes at the centreline.

Another pleasant surprise was Swedish Nina Hoffmann. Her horse Leo AF Magnushoj is very convincing in passage.

The Reem Acra FEI Cup™ is not something that goes very well for Dutch Aat van Essen. He had to drive home from the last qualifier in Mechelen as his horse Premier had serious injuries in his mouth in the stable and needed surgery. In Amsterdam his horse showed problems with the walk and he didn’t qualify for the Freestyle unfortunately. FEI-director dressage Trond Asmyr praised the Amsterdam venue as one of the top venues for the World Cup™. Jumping Amsterdam chair of the board Hans Bakker said he has a sold out house.

It’s quite exciting to see that tension builds up towards the final. There are only three legs to come now, in Neumünster (GER), Göteborg (SWE) and ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED) Find more information on Find previous results of the FEI World Cup Final 2006 in Amsterdam at


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