CDI Riders Offered Major Incentive to Wear Helmets at CDI Saugerties

Centerline Events is VERY proud to present CKD Safety Award sponsored by Renee Isler. A $1000 prize will be awarded to the highest scoring CDI rider at the Centerline Events @ HITS, CDI Saugerties, August 19-21, 2011, who wears an approved helmet for all their CDI rides. Courtney King-Dye suffered a major head injury after one of her horses fell on her in Spring of 2010. With Courtney's strong advocation of safety and the wearing of helmets, in January of 2011, the USEF passed a major rule which revolutionized safety helmet wearing in the sport of Dressage here in the US.

Now Courtney with her long time sponsor, friend, and advocate of safety, Renee Isler, are taking it one step further to the international level and offering a huge incentive to receive cash money to wear an approved helmet during CDI rides at the Saugerties show. "Now it's starting to appear old fashioned when people wear top hats, like old pictures of people skiing on wooden skis," said Courtney. "Even the judges I've spoken to now think protecting your head looks good!"