Cayenne and Deveraux, 2007 World Cayenne and Deveraux, 2007 World Young Dressage Horse Champions

Cayenne W and Susan Pape Win 5-year old Division

Cayenne W and Deveraux OLD were the grand champions in the 5 and 6-year old division at the 2007 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden, Germany. The World Championships co-incided with an international dressage and show jumping competition, a national FEI level competition and the 2007 Hanoverian Riding Horse Championships, all set at the gorgeous Verden show grounds in North Germany.

The Westfalian mare Cayenne W and the British Susan Draper-Pape were the undisputed winners of the 5-year old division. In ideal weather conditions, 14 youngsters were presented in the 5-year old finals on Saturday August 4. The Hanoverian mare Blind Date (by Breitling x Donnerhall) and German Grand Prix rider Brigitte Wittig were in the lead after the qualification class but had to withdraw from competition minutes before their entry as the mare sustained an injury in the warm up ring. Cayenne W was the last horse to go and took the champion's title with a phenomenal ride. The bay mare excelled in the trot work with mare moving very uphill, active behind with super self carriage. The walk was good and the canter was with outstanding suspension and showed lovely simple changes.

Stephen Clarke, speaking for the panel of judges, praised the horse as "an example of a beautifully trainer horse with huge potential for the future. The panel stated that her trot was regular and active in a natural way. The walk had a good, clear rhythm but could have been more relaxed. The canter was very active behind with clear differences in the tempo. "This is the picture of a young horse trainer in the right way," Clarke concluded.

Susan Pape and Cayenne W scored 8.82 in total, which put them at the top of the leader board.


Revanche de Rubin and Noble Dream Take Silver and Bronze

The silver medal went to Juliane Brunkhorst on the delightful Revanche de Rubin, an Oldenburg stallion by Rubin Royal x Landadel, bred by Harli Seifert. The bay stallion, who was doted his name out of "revenge" because the Oldenburg licensing committee did not accept him as a breeding stallion, has a beautiful silhouette with a gorgeous top line and a naturally uphill conformation. The trot tour was very clean and well regulated as well as balanced. In the canter, the horse showed fantastic ground covering extensions.

The judges commented that Revanche de Rubin showed huge potential for the future and stood out in the trot work with his beautiful transitions. Brunkhorst and Revanche scored an 8.52 in total, good for silver.

The young Juliane Brunkhorst said, "I can hardly believe this. I came here with no expectations and never thought it would be possible for me to win a medal."

A delightful surprise was the French Jessica Michel winning the bronze medal. Year after year, the Germans and Dutch have dominated the World Championships and it was a relief to see a rider from a smaller dressage nation storming to the top and taking the spotlight on her own account with fantastic dressage.

Aboard Mrs Dallara's Oldenburg bred mare Noble Dream (by Caprimond x Donnerhall), Michel scored 8.34 in total which ranked her third. The mare is a very elegant, light footed mover and the rider was able to keep a super light, soft contact the with the bit that was truly a text book example.

Michel was ecstatic about her bronze medal. "I'm very happy to be here. My goal was to qualify for the final and with this medal I believe I achieved much for France. I'm happy for the mare, the owner, myself, and especially for France," she said.

The judging in the 5-year old division at the World Championships was easy to follow and hardly disputable. Maybe here and there they were too generous or too conservative with their points, but their general impression of the quality of the horses and their final ranking of the top 14 were very acceptable. It was a pleasure to hear Stephen Clarke put the finger on the wound where the true mistakes in each test lay and which were the strong points of each horse.


Deveraux OLD, 6-year old World Young Dressage Horse Champion

The black Oldenburg gelding Deveraux OLD became the new World Champion in the 6-year old division at the 2007 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden, Germany, on August 5, 2007. Under the Dutch rider Miranda Rongen, Deveraux put a spell on the judges with his superbly cadenced trot, ground covering walk with great reach and freedom in the shoulder and his good canter, which could have been more uphill and engaged from behind. There was one small problem with the third flying change. Rongen's test was eye candy because of the lightness of the contact, the lovely frame which was maintained throughout the test and the top quality paces of her horse.

The judges praised Deveraux' trot for its lovely swing and rhythm. The walk had huge overstep and the pirouettes in walk were well executed. The steady contact with the bit was recognized as well as the throughness through the body. With a score of 9.1 in total, Rongen and Deveraux were the best pair of the day.

Deveraux is owned by Miranda's father Harry and is bred by Auguste Berding. He's by De Niro out of a Rohdiamant dam. Miranda and her black gelding have been in training with Rocco di Piero for four months.


Freebird Ucelli T and Uzzo Fill Up the Podium

The silver medal went to the delightful Freebird Ucelli T. The KWPN branded gelding (by Olivi x Gribaldi) has a beautiful trot with much engagement and bounce, but at times was too "passagey" and could cover more ground, especially in the extensions. The walk was nice with lots of shoulder freedom but there was a slight loss of rhythm. The canter work was really good, but could have been more uphill and the horse sometimes was a bit tight in the neck, especially in the bends The judges gave the pair an overall mark of 8.44, good for silver.

"I was very happy today," Minderhoud said at the press conference. "I have been riding him for a year now. The first few days he was a bit sensitive but today he went really nice. I'm really happy to end with a silver medal," said the quadruple World Champion gold medallist.


The bronze medal went to last year's 5-year old World Champion Uzzo (Lancet x Indoctro). Under Patrick van der Meer, the bay KWPN gelding showed much progress since one year ago. Especially the trot work has improved dramatically. It was absolutely superior in its rhythm, bounce, and ground covering. The walk was good but a bit hesitant in the collection. The canter work was nice, but not always clear in its 3-beat rhythm. The flying changes were outstanding but the tail could be steadier in the change itself.

Van der Meer achieved a total of 8.42 and claimed the bronze medal. Patrick was very happy with his bronze medal. "I did a really good test. This test [the Finals] is a little harder to ride. There was a little tension in the walk and canter, but I am very happy with him. Winning a medal on this championship is really great."