Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Horse and Man Gallops to the Meadowlands


WHEN:   June 9 – 20, 2010
WHERE:  White Big Top at the Meadowlands (East Rutherford, New Jersey - next to the IZOD Center)
COST:    Regular priced tickets range from $56.00 to $126.00

New York, NY – On Wednesday, June 9, Cavalia makes its premiere stop in the New York tri-state area. Enjoyed by over 3 million people in Europe, Canada, and U.S. cities including Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, Atlanta, and Miami, Cavalia is a grand-scale spectacle involving acrobatics, live music, projected images and more than 100 performers, including a troupe of 60 magnificent horses from all over the world. From June 9 – 20, 2010 under the White Big Top at the Meadowlands, Cavalia will pay tribute to the harmony between horse and man.

Cavalia was created by Cirque du Soleil co-founder, Normand Latourelle. “My passion in life is to make people dream. When I first introduced Cirque at Battery Park in 1988, I always wished I could return and introduce something new to the New York area. Cavalia took nearly 10 years to conceive and I am thrilled to present this one-of-a-kind show.”

Cavalia is not just a show for horse-lovers, it is a lavish orchestration of multimedia, equestrian and performing arts designed to entertain people of all ages and backgrounds.  Under the world’s largest touring Big Top, which rises 100 feet above the ground and spans more than 26,264 feet, 60 of the most magnificent creatures on the planet will express themselves in all their beauty, grace and strength on a 160-foot wide stage. While the horses gallop and cavort and, at times, run free completely unbridled, the show incorporates acrobatics, original live music and stunning special and lighting effects to create a dreamlike setting.

Across North America and Europe, Cavalia has enthralled audiences and been praised by critics for its captivating and unique experience. CNN’s Larry King raved, “The greatest show I have ever seen! Spectacular. Beautiful. Like being in a dream. I loved it!” The Washington Post exclaimed, “Impressive, highly refined, indeed a wonder!” The Los Angeles Times stated that “the impression is one of intense bond between humans and horses,” and O Magazine exclaimed that “The wildly beautiful stallions of Cavalia leave audiences with their hearts galloping.” The Atlanta Journal Constitution raved, “The most unconventional horse show you could imagine!” LA Weekly proclaimed that “Cirque du Soleil co-founder Normand Latourelle has created a different breed of spectacle. Cavalia’s action is better characterized as hypnotic, a slow-paced waltz between horse and man. Arresting stunts.” Madrid’s El Pais remarked “Like in a dream,” while Berlin’s Zeitung said “Cavalia shows flawless artistry.” Lastly, Amsterdam’s De Telegraf proclaimed Cavalia as “A fairytale for the entire family!”

Delightful, thrilling and poignant, Cavalia explores humankind’s long relationship with the horse. Juxtaposed with the vibrancy of the lavish production is a subtle thematic line that takes audiences through the evolution of horses and our interaction: from unbridled life in the wilderness, to early domestication, and ultimately to a relationship with human beings based on freedom and mutual respect.

Tickets–For its exclusive run at the Meadowlands, Cavalia will be presented under its White Big Top. Tickets are on sale now, and are priced from $56.00 to $126.00.  If sitting in the stands is not enough for you, the show can be customized for the complete VIP experience from $156.00 to $206.00, including a Horse Lovers Package that lets patrons tour Cavalia’s stables, and the Rendez-Vous Package that includes a tour of the stables, a cocktail/dinner reception and much more. Special pricing is also available for children, students, and senior citizens.

Showtimes–Opening night will be on Wednesday, June 9, 2010. During Cavalia’s run at the Meadowlands, there will be nightly shows except Mondays, matinee and evening shows on Saturdays and early day shows on Sundays. For more information, a detailed list of show dates and reservations, call 1-866-999-8111 or visit