Cathy Pierson Wins First Cookies with a Clue Contest

“This is so exciting,” commented Cathy Pierson, Crystal Lake, IL, after she learned she had won the First “Cookies with a Clue” Tell Us What You Think contest.  

And what she told us was that, “After winning a box of the KAM Stress Busters Cookies at a seminar I attended, I admit to being slightly skeptical.  I am Spanish and Italian so that is my nature.”

It was Maggie, Cathy’s 15-year-old daughter’s horse Nashville (nicknamed Nash), that helped turn that skepticism into a big thank you! “Nash is an easy going, loving baby Thoroughbred who wormed his way into my heart and took my daughter by storm.  He has moments of goofiness ...but ONLY at shows,” she explained.

“I thought if anyone could prove your cookie was just a pleasant tasting treat, Nash was the baby for the job.  We used two Stress Busters cookies the morning we loaded up for the 4H fair.  He schooled beautifully with no moments of losing his mind.  He went around the arena in his many classes very well.  He looked beautiful in his dressage test where he placed 4th,” continued Cathy.

“My daughter has been riding since she was 10 days old and out on her first trail ride with me.  She has won too many trophies to count in several riding disciplines, including Grand and Reserve Championships on her other horses and pony.  The biggest smile and look of complete shock came when Nash was awarded a 6th place ribbon in Western Pleasure.

“So, I guess you could say your STRESS BUSTERS cookies proved me wrong!  And while the price is still making me a bit stand offish, my daughter and I will be saving our pennies so we can try a couple of the other cookies in your line of products!  Thank you!”

The winner of the contest gets to choose a bucket of cookies and so here’s what Cathy had to say when making her choice. “I have a 12-year-old Appaloosa that had the worst case of strangles that multiple veterinarians had ever seen; over a dozen eruptions over five months!  Poor Giz had his intestinal flora and fauna seriously compromised.  So, my choice will be for him this time, as the Stress Busters cookies were for Nash and we only use those at show time.  My prize choice will be the Belly Bites!  Oh and BTW, Maggie has shared her Stress Busters cookies with friends who claim that they worked with their horses as well.   She wishes SHE could be a salesperson/representative for you!”

Well Maggie is just the kind of person we want out there as we organize our “Cookie Team.”  Something we’ll be working on in the months ahead.  So, be sure to follow the clues – the cookie clues about all the new things happening at KAM Animal Services, which was started by talented nutritionist, Gabriele Sutton, who specializes in equine nutrition. KAM believes that every equine problem can be helped or solved with the use of a natural nutritional organic diet.  KAM only recently started their line of Cookies with a Clue, a convenient and simpler approach to nutrition. Cookies with a Clue are all natural, easy to feed and provide your horse with all the nutrients he needs.

Each of the five different types of cookies has its own use.  Choose Chubbies for the overweight horse and Booster Bites for all other horses and add five a day to his regular feed to ensure your horse has a balanced diet.  Feed Owchees when your horse is feeling a little “owchee,” Belly Bites when his tummy needs a little help and Stress Busters any time the situation may cause your horse to be stressed.  Five at a time is all it takes.

For more information on these one-of-a-kind cookies and other helpful aids from KAM Animal Services go to  Or, order your Cookies right here at and receive FREE shipping!!